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Video productions are an investment, which is why running behind schedule or planning reshoots can be so costly. Thankfully, there are ways to stay organized and help streamline the planning process. Follow these tips to avoid falling behind when planning your next film project:


Know What You Need


In order to plan a commercial or another film project, you need to know everything that is required for pre-production, the shoot itself, and post-production editing and marketing. In addition to a stellar camera crew, you may need actors, animators, scriptwriters, and voiceover talent. Developing strong content involves plenty of brainstorming, writing, and storyboarding to get it just right. If you do not have a marketing department or team, talk to your Orlando corporate video production company about how they can help.


Consider Using a Smartphone App


If you are not much of a list-maker, consider utilizing a smartphone application to help keep all of your production timeline goals and notes in one place. Many apps give you the option to share lists with others, while others act as a delegation tool to aid in collaboration. Other features may include color-coding, discussion capabilities, templates, voice recognition, or photo and audio integration. Staying organized will help small tasks from slipping through the cracks and putting the shoot behind schedule.


Learn How to Line and Order the Script


Lining the script involves going through each page and marking the necessary items, from props to wardrobe. Items to take note of include:

  • Actors and extras
  • Special effects
  • Extra lighting conditions
  • Wardrobe and costumes
  • Props, sets, and locations
  • Vehicles
  • Special effects


You or your staff may want to use different colored pencils or highlighters to mark each item. Next, split the script into its scenes and list the items from each scene onto breakdown sheets. Shooting the scenes out of order may make the most sense depending on location, time of day, and required actors or props. With that in mind, order and reorder the breakdown sheets until you come up with the ideal shooting schedule.


Do What You Can Ahead of Time


Are you positive that you will need a particular prop for your upcoming shoot? Go ahead and start trying to find it ahead of time, rather than waiting until you have a full props list to hunt for. The same holds true for actors. Make a short list of employees you might want to include in the shoot. Alternatively, go ahead and hold auditions for the commercial’s central figure, even if the rest of the cast is undetermined. You can also go beyond simply scouting potential locations by researching any necessary permits and taking note of any restrictions or upcoming events.


Working with a professional, reliable Orlando corporate video production company is one of the best ways to ensure your video project stays on time and budget. NG Production Films is dedicated to connecting companies with high-quality filmmaking capabilities. We can help you create a clear vision for your production, with targeted marketing and media buying plans to ensure your advertisement reaches its intended viewers. For a free, no-obligation consultation, call us today at (877) 203-2895 or fill out our online contact form.