There’s no doubt that Burton has a knack for creating outstanding camera angles, pairing unusual props with interesting set designs, and seamlessly blending nostalgia with modernity.

However, the director is additionally known for incorporating two other classic techniques in his video production: 1) using his actors as alternative identities of his own creativity and 2) mastering the art of location.

When you strive to insert similar tactics in your own video production, you can take your project to new levels of development and connect with your audience in fresh and exciting ways.

  1. Choosing Your Face: Creative Freedom Through Actors

Using your actors as filters to explore your deepest thoughts and desires allows you to climb heights of creative freedom you might never have thought were possible. Burton does this with his continuous casting of Johnny Depp, who is often considered to be the director’s onscreen alter ego.

Think about it: there’s a reason superhero movies are so popular these days. There’s something highly attractive about putting on a mask, because with this donning of the “mask” comes liberation; there’s freedom in disguise.

You actors can be such a “disguise” in your video production; they can allow you to express yourself in a highly personal and creatively productive way without worrying about the natural inhibitors so many of us experience, such as fear, natural shyness, fear of rejection, and so on.

So give some serious thought to incorporating an actor’s talent with your artistic vision to make an impression and fully express yourself. You may be surprised at how this tactic can enhance the emotional impact of your video production, regardless of whether you’re shooting a commercial or a series of interviews.

  1. The Importance of Location: Busy, Bare, or Both?

This has to do with more than providing eye-catching props or unusual set designs. It has to do with the basic framework in which those props are placed–namely, the specific location you choose for your Orlando video production, whether that is inside, outside, or a combination of both.

Burton is a top-notch pro at staging a setting. He has used colorful, busy, hectic settings that churn with visual chaos (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Alice and Wonderland), while also employing the use of the bleak, ordinary, and minimal (Sweeney Todd).

Each location choice offers a wholly unique atmosphere; even his actors become part of the setting with their costumes, mannerisms, and line delivery.

Carefully consider how you want your location to look in your own video production. Will business and colors distract rather than improve your production, or will it help you get your point across?

Will blank walls and minimal props stress something important, or will it risk merely looking boring? Think about what visuals or themes you want to leave your audience with and what location could help enhance that.

If you don’t want to stay in one area, feel free to move your set around. Switching it up can be more engaging and keep your audience guessing.

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