How to Make Your Videos Viral

We live in an era in which our entertainment has become embedded in viral videos. These videos have become popular through sharing on the Internet, typically through video sharing websites such as YouTube and social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Undoubtedly you’ve laughed along with the baby ripping paper, winced as you watched the “Will it Blend?” guy completely destroy a perfectly new iPad, and struggled to understand why Miss Tean USA 2007 had difficulty answering that infamous question.

With 48 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute (that’s eight years of content uploaded every DAY!), it is difficult to determine just what makes a video go viral.  Certainly, a video’s success depends on share-ability and relate-ability factors. If you are looking to create the Internet’s next viral video, follow these steps to ensure your success.

First, determine your budget. Many video productions are successful because the people making them have plenty of money to spend on them. More than likely, though, your budget will remain relatively small and you won’t be able to hire Jennifer Lopez. Instead, focus on creating a clever story that is designed solely for your web audience.

Start by creating a lot of videos. More specifically, create a lot of funny videos. You will need to be able to connect with the communities you are reaching out to, so be sure to keep this in mind. Feel free to exploit the power of the parody; parodies consistently outperform completely original content. Also, showcase techniques that are different from typical video: stop motion and time lapse techniques are great examples. If you can remain current with the Internet, consider playing around with memes (a concept that is spread via the Internet); Nyan kitty is a fantastic example.

There are countless ways to make an insanely popular video for YouTube. Of course, do not be discouraged by low numbers of video views—the Internet is highly unpredictable and your video may spread like wildfire down the road. At NG Production Films, we are dedicated to your success. If you are interested in video production for your brand or image, please give us a call today at 877-203.2895.