How to Submit Your Films to Film Festivals

Your masterpiece is complete, and all you have left now is to show it off to the world. Your film production isn’t guaranteed to be presented at every festival you submit to, and just like applying to college, you have to send them a check, and in this instance, your film. If you think your film has got what it takes to be presented at a film festival, all you need is a few tips on making your film productions worth taking a look.

Follow the instructions – They are there for a reason. If you want a shot at being shown at a film festival, you want to do it the right way, while doing what is asked. If you do something that the instructions told you specifically not to do, you video may be sent back, not even to be watched.

Check the format – Chances are they will ask you to submit your film in a particular type of format and length, specific to how it will be played at the event.  Will they accept 35mm? Will you have to convert it onto a DVD? One of the most important details is making sure you are sending the festival staff the correct film format.

Submit early – Some festivals offer “early-bird” specials if you submit your film early enough. Most films are also viewed as soon as they are submitted, and if you send it at the last minute, all of the film slots may perhaps be taken up before they even get to viewing yours.

Mail your film with care – Don’t submit your film in a paper envelop without any protective case. Use a DVD case – CD cases are easily broken, and paper sleeves offer no additional protection to your film. You want to make sure your film is all in one piece when it reaches your viewers. Don’t forget to label your film with your name and title!

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