Keeping the Faith: New Methods of Faith-Based Video Production

With huge advancements in technology in the past decade, our faith-filled communities have taken complete advantage of the new possibilities. We’ve discussed that mass is able to be streamed over the internet and sermons can be viewed on our favorite social media outlets.  Today, we will discuss some other ways faith-based video production has taken the word to a completely new level.

NG Production Films started in 2004 with Pastor Rico Sharp in Sanford.  Pastor Sharp had been doing an excellent job spreading the word through schools and communities, but wanted a larger medium.  By partnering with Pastor Sharp, NG Productions Films was able to craft a new method of faith-based communication.  We delivered a DVD production of services that worked so well, other preachers around the country worked with us to create their own line of services that had the easy accessibility and portability that DVDs offer.

In addition to these great DVD services that we’re able to produce, Gospel and Christian Rock artists have become a part of NG Production Films clientele.  Not only can we put together engaging, moving services that people can view from their home, but we can capture the dynamic, energetic environment of a live concert.  We have worked with great talent in this field such as Fred Hammond, Vickie Winans, Dedrick Haddon, David & Tamela Man, and Martha Munizzi.

NG Production Films is an Orlando video production company with a background in faith-based productions.  Whether you need a crew for a service or a Christian rock concert, we are there with superior equipment, technology, and a new 18 ft video jib. Contact NGProduction Films today at 877-203-2895.