It may have seen better days, but YouTube still remains the top video sharing site out there.

Despite being rocked by 2017’s “Adpocalypse,” the platform is a go-to resource for those who plan on using videos for their hobby, business, or cause.

But there are many things to consider when creating a YouTube channel. The name, the banner, and of course, the intro video are all important. This introduction, also known as the channel trailer, is a channel owner’s chance to tell newcomers what they’re all about and encourage them to stick around.

Making a great channel trailer is vital to growing a YouTube channel. Here’s how enlisting the help of an Orlando video production company can make trailer creation much easier.

What Should a YouTube Channel Trailer Include?

When it comes time to create a channel trailer, many people are eager to pack in as much information as possible. They may want to talk about the purpose of the channel, the brand behind it, or a combination of the two.

This is fine so long as the presentation is concise. It’s good to keep a channel trailer video between 30 seconds and one minute if possible. This increases the chance the viewer will stick around through the whole thing and retain any information given within.

A trailer should talk about what to expect on the channel. How should a company or group use their channel? This can vary as every organization may have different aims with their videos. While some may look to advertise products to prospective customers, others may look to offer information simply to enlighten the viewer.

Whatever the purpose behind the channel, articulate it clearly in the video so the viewer knows what to expect. This can help convince them to subscribe and even share the channel if they find its content interesting enough.

Using Orlando Video Production Experts

Orlando camera crews and editing experts can help anyone who wants to create a professional YouTube trailer. From actually recording the footage to making sure the final presentation is put together properly, the pros add a level of polish that’s hard to achieve otherwise.

Sure, some people may be knowledgeable about videos and upload to YouTube all the time. But an Orlando video production company can produce the best result in the shortest amount of time – meaning they can help a person get their channel trailer up quicker.

Viewers know when something looks and sounds professional. Since channel trailers can be the first impression people get of a channel and the company behind it, putting a lot of care into them is extremely important.

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