Making Media Buying Easy and Cost-Effective

Let’s say you have an amazing video production promoting your company.  It has cutting-edge CG, a musical score by a concert virtuoso, basically all the bells and whistles.  Not too many people will see it if your choice medium is Facebook.  You might get lucky if it goes viral on YouTube, but you’d have to do something unintentionally riveting or be a natural-born marketing genius.  Your best route is to start considering “media buying”, which is simply the act of buying advertising space for radio, internet, or television.  The concept may seem intimidating at first glance, but with a few pointers, the experience will be rewarding.

You first will want to decide what demographic you’d like to go for. If you’re selling kitchen knife sets, perhaps some sort of cooking or food channel would be your best target. The same would apply for websites of similar topics.  You can even break it down to what time of the day you’d prefer for your videos to air.  One major thing to consider is if you want your promotional efforts to be more local or more national.  Local exposure can make people feel like you’re more a part of the community, and they can connect with you on a intimate level.  Obviously with national media buying, you’re going to be advertising to far more people, but at a higher cost and a less personable method.

After you figure out where you’d like your videos to be broadcast, it is time to contact the network/website. This is when the power of negotiation comes into play.  Most of the time this process is done by experienced media buyers. If you want to take the solo route, here’s some good insight for a successful negotiation.

  • Begin a friendship with the media vendor and try to align your goals so they can know what you’re trying to achieve
  • Never accept the first proposal. Get a feel for their reps and stress your vision for your campaign within your budget.
  • Maintain a good rapport with the media vendor. Communicate efficiently and often.

With these tips you should have a better grasp on how your video will find a nice home on the internet or on television for a reasonable price without a strenuous amount of effort.  If you’d like NG Production Films of Orlando to take over this feat for you instead, contact us.  Give us a call today at 877-203-2895!