The Power of Silence in Video Productions

How can your video compete with thousands of others already posted online or shown on television? Consider using silence as a tool to craft a compelling Orlando video production. Here are four ways silence can enhance your video:

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Avoiding an Aggressive Approach

Many commercials are loud and bright, obviously in a rush to deliver their message and entice the audience. This “in your face” approach works for some companies, but you can attract more positive attention by carefully constructing your video production. Instead of bombarding the audience with flashy text, graphics, fast frames, or loud sounds, think about how you can draw them in with a story or strong visuals. The goal is to capture the audience’s attention within the first few seconds by offering them something different and refreshing.

Diminishing Distractions

Your film production does not need to be completely silent: background music is extremely effective at setting the mood and generating an emotional response. Instead, focus on eliminating excess verbal chatter. If you choose to include any interviews or voiceovers, simply allow silences to occur. By not rushing through these natural pauses or speech patterns, you can completely change the tone and vibe of your video production. Another way you can use speech is to open your video with only background music, allowing the scene to sink in before introducing a voiceover. Alternatively, use a popular song’s lyrics to describe your product, or include text overlays as if you are producing a silent film.

Creating Stunning Visuals

A visually captivating production is especially important if you choose not to include any spoken text. Try to set up aesthetically pleasing shots, and do not be afraid to experiment with angles. To make sure that the video is seamless, eliminate shadows and even out the lighting levels from shot to shot. Choose a high quality Orlando video production crew to edit the film, because they can use their experience and knowledge to avoid any jarring changes or jumpy transitions.

Above all, you want a visual experience to make sense to the audience. If you decide to tell a story without words, a strong concept and storyboard are essential. Alternatively, you can show off facilities with a mini-tour, display products with a text overlay, showcase new equipment or technologies, or show customer interactions. You can also include footage of a recent event or provide context with the location and surroundings of your facilities or warehouse.

Choosing Text

The goal of using silence within a video production is to leave an impression or central idea without words. In order to achieve this, your video must have a clear vision and goal. You can take an entirely visual approach, or add voiceovers or text to enhance your video’s purpose. If you choose to add text, make sure it is clear and concise to match the feel of the rest of your video.

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