Quantity vs. Quality in Video Production.

What is the difference between quality and quantity in video production? I’m sure your scratching your head and probably thinking of the obvious “quality is important on my video production”. That is a true statement when you’re looking for an experienced Orlando video production company. Some business owners and marketing managers search for cheap video production firms that will deliver “very cheap” productions. But is the quality there? The answer is simply, are you looking for quantity vs. quality? Let me break that down for you.

In Orlando and other major cities, there are an overwhelming number of start-up companies that will search for as many clients as they can get. Be cautious, because these starters are trying to build a cliental base by getting as many clients as they can, by offering the cheapest productions around. They are simply looking for “quantity”, rather than delivering “quality”. There are even well established video production companies that have the same mindset to deliver fast and cheap productions. Please don’t take it the wrong way, there are many start up companies that produce high quality productions, rather than considering you as another “quantity”.

Quality is a key to success! There are many Orlando video production companies that put quality first and ignore quantity. These companies give their clients’ one-on-one attention, exceptional customer service and delivering amazing video.

Yes, budget is a factor with many firms, but you still can find an Orlando video production company to deliver high quality videos, without breaking the bank. Remember, your image is on those videos and if you produce a video just to get it out there to cut on costs, then those videos could hurt you in the long run. When marketing your brand, it needs to be compelling, filmed professionally and edited precisely in order to have great results.

Ever watched a commercial on TV and the production was so bad or didn’t make sense, you simply changed the channel or ignored it? Guess what? That could be your business that others are flipping the channel and simply ignoring your brand. Remember, video production services for your brand are an investment that will lead to amazing ROI. Don’t just look for “quantity” production firms, take another step and look for “quality”.

Here is an example of a demo reel a video production company should put on their website, so you are able to see who they worked with and how well their quality looks:

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