Reasons to Post Video Productions on Facebook

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If your business has a Facebook page, how often do you upload new content? Of that material, how much of it is visually impactful or engaging? Facebook offers unique marketing benefits, which are multiplied every time your company uploads quality content. Instead of only posting text-filled statuses or sharing photos, however, change your approach to marketing by uploading engaging videos. Whether you are considering repurposing an existing video production or creating a series of short videos for Internet use, here are several reasons to post your next Orlando video production on Facebook:


Better Marketing

Inbound marketing through social media is an extremely cost-effective and efficient way to reach your company’s target audience. Here are five ways Facebook video posts will help you reach and surpass your marketing goals:


  1. Multimedia

Humans are very visual creatures, and publishing content with multimedia has been proven to increase interactions and click-through rates. Photo and video posts, in particular, garner more attention than text-only statuses. Plus, the more users engage with your page, the more likely they will be to report having had a positive experience. To make a Facebook-ready video, keep it short and highly compelling for the best results.


  1. Free to post

Uploading videos to the Internet is free on many platforms, including YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook. This means that uploading a video to your company’s Facebook page does not cost anything, unlike buying Internet ad space or vying for prime time slots on cable television. As a result, uploading content directly to Facebook will vastly expand your marketing budget, giving you room to spend more on the production and less on the ad placement. Alternatively, you could use the cash saved to create a series of video posts, which will help capture and retain consumer attention and interest in the long run.


  1. Larger reach

Facebook has millions of active users, and that number continues to rise. Due to various newsfeed and privacy settings, Facebook users see many things that their friends like and comment on, including company pages, posts, and videos. This means that anything your business posts will likely be seen by a large number of other Facebook users.


In addition, if someone visits your company’s page for the first time, they will be able to see any friends who have “liked” the page at a glance. This seemly insignificant Facebook feature actually can serve as a non-verbal recommendation that will boost your credibility and may help convert leads.


  1. Easy to share

As simple as it is for your company to upload video content to Facebook, it is even easier for other users to share it. If an individual likes your post or thinks it may be relevant for others, they can easily share the video on their own profile, on someone else’s profile, or in a private message. People who “like” your company’s page can also easily invite other users.


Since it is so easy for people to share posts, consider rewarding them for doing so. Create, for example, a promotional video that encourages users to share the post for the chance to win free products or service credits. Keep in mind that a single share by one of your customers could be seen in the newsfeeds of hundreds of other Facebook users.


  1. Sponsored Ads

Sponsored ads are an extremely cost-effective way to reach even more Facebook users. In fact, Facebook’s sponsored ads are much cheaper than any other form of online video placement. In addition, these ads help you reach your targeted audience easily thanks to a variety of available specifications and filters. Geo-targeting can be used to reach users in a certain area, but sponsored ads can also be shared only with uses in a certain age range or who share other common Facebook “likes” or interests.


Improve Customer Experience

Facebook videos are a powerful marketing tool, but they will do much more than physically reach your audience. Targeted, thoughtful videos can help improve the customer experience by offering viewers insider information, quick tips, and personalized customer service. Here are three ways to improve your customers’ experiences using videos:


  1. Showcase Company

Facebook videos are a fast, easy way to showcase your company. These types of videos will allow you connect with consumers by describing what is special about your company or giving them a unique, behind-the-scenes look at your operations. Other ideas include:

  • Spotlight on employees
  • Touring facilities
  • Demonstrating products or equipment
  • Announcing new products
  • Promoting trade show or convention booths
  • Revealing company updates, news, and partnerships
  • Sharing special sales and events


  1. Relevancy

Another way to use videos on Facebook is by responding to the listed “trending topics”, which is updated in real time. If your content is relevant, join the conversation by responding with a quick video. You can also browse other pages and forums to identify what consumers are talking about. Doing so will help enable your marketing team to bring consumers the content they want and are most interested in.


  1. Offer Assistance

Consumers like doing business with other people, not with businesses. Posting videos directly related to improving the customer experience will increase your brand’s image and encourage brand loyalty. Use videos to answer frequently asked questions, or give a product demo including maintenance tips or alternative uses. Facebook polls are simple to use, so considering asking your customers what they would most like to see as a video guide.


In addition, pay attention to the amount of “likes” or comments each video receives. If a viewer comments with a question, try to respond promptly and with a clear solution. Keep updating and tweaking your marketing campaigns and new video productions in response to this immediate, invaluable customer feedback.


For help making quality Facebook videos, contact our Orlando video production company, NG Production Films. We will help optimize your script and story for your target audience, ensuring you get the results you want. For a free, no-obligation consultation, call us at 877-203-2895 or fill out our simple contact form for a prompt reply.