When a company or organization creates a video, they likely have their mind on marketing.

Promoting a product, an event, a special cause, or any other topic requires the right approach. But even those videos that look great and provide a lot of information are often missing one key component.

The call-to-action (CTA) is one of the most important aspects of any type of marketing material. Videos are no different – in fact, Orlando camera crews and video production experts can help customers find unique ways to apply effective CTAs in their videos.

Understanding why a video needs a CTA, how it can be used, and where to place it are all important knowledge points for organizations to acquire if they want their videos to be as successful as possible.

Why Orlando Video Production Experts Use CTAs

CTAs are one of the most important parts of any video. This media type is designed to grab peoples’ attention and keep it.

While it is much more effective at accomplishing these goals than a paragraph of text or even an image, an important question remains – once the video has gotten a person’s attention, what will they do with it?

Without a CTA, the video may be simply closed and forgotten about. But an engaging presentation can be capped off well by directing people on what to do next. The reason why CTAs are so important is that they can help persuade a person to reach out and subscribe, make a purchase, RSVP, or take whatever course of action the video is aimed at.

In blogs or images, CTAs are usually added around the bottom and are introduced after the viewer has been fully informed. But a video CTA can be used in different ways.

How and Where Video CTAs Can Be Used

An Orlando video production company may recommend peppering the CTA throughout the video at various points. It can be displayed consistently as a line of text on the screen, it can be added as an intermittent caption, or it can even be spoken at various points through the presentation.

Knowing where and how to add the CTA ensures it comes off naturally, creatively, and persuasive. This makes it more likely that the viewer will be interested and will follow it. The CTA could be a clever annotation, placed on screen so the presenter can point to it for a unique effect. It could be a formal caption with links and phone numbers added at the final frames. No matter how its used, having a good CTA is key in any video.

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