Tips For Filming With a Green Screen

Green screens have become a commonplace for replacing and creating backgrounds in post video production. Also called chroma keying, green screens layer two images or videos together based on color hues, and are often used to add special effects and also in newscasting and video games. Some applications may use blue or pink screens, but they all serve the same purpose. Here are some tips for your next Orlando video production if you plan on incorporating a green screen in your filming.

1. Make sure the lighting during filming matches the lighting of the background. You don’t want to have lighting coming from the left side of the screen if the background has is on the right side, or it will be noticeable.

2. Envision what the background will look like before you begin filming. If you can picture what your production will look like as a whole, it will be much easier to piece together in the end. A storyboard would be the perfect planning tool to display your vision.

3. Certain colors may become transparent if you’re using a green screen throughout your Orlando video production. The color of your clothes should never be the same color as the chroma key.

4. Your green screen should be even, with no wrinkles or unevenness; this can be noticeable in the post production and can be difficult to edit without re-filming.

5. Your subject should be no closer than 6 feet from the green screen during your Orlando video production, otherwise you may notice green spill during the editing process.

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