Productivity can happen anywhere – not just the office.

Sometimes a video marketer will find themselves working from home. This likely means no recording studio, no powerful production-optimized work computer, and no team at arm’s reach to ask for help.

When the task at hand is an Orlando video production project, here are some tips to stay productive and get work done even at home.

Get Organized and Use What’s Available

Over 40% of Americans work from home at some point – meaning it’s possible to stay on task even outside the office. The first step is to get set up to be productive.

A professional’s environment has a massive impact on their success. A work area for video production should have the following:

  • Quiet Room: Make it quiet enough to do voice-overs if necessary. This could mean putting a little soundproof foam on the walls, turning down the air conditioner, and informing family members you’d appreciate a few minutes of silence.
  • Work Computer: While those who aren’t used to working from home may not have powerful PCs capable of rendering videos quickly, a simple laptop can allow for a lot of work to get done. Free editing programs can be used to trim footage and add basic effects even on a simple dual-core processor. Not enough power for that? Do what the machine allows – write video scripts, edit thumbnails, and plan future projects out.
  • Communication Platforms: The team may not be next door, but it’s still possible to communicate. Remote workers can text their coworkers, or for something a little more official, try a communication platform optimized for group chats such as Slack.

Keep on Task by Adhering to a Schedule

With no manager looking over one’s shoulder and no time clock ticking down, it’s easy to get relaxed. There’s nothing wrong with appreciating the work-from-home environment, but it’s wise to stay in “work mode” mentally.

To do this, create a schedule of tasks that could be completed for a video production project. This could be anything from planning to production to promotion. Note when each process was started and when each one was done.

For the video marketer who ends up working from home for prolonged periods of time, this allows them to improve on their productivity and use each day to the fullest.

Get Help from Video Production Experts

One of the biggest misconceptions about working remotely is that it leaves professionals alone. Even with the ability to chat with their team digitally, some feel the remote environment isolates them from the assistance they need.

Skilled professionals at an Orlando video production company can help workers no matter where they are (home or office) or where they are in terms of progress on their project.

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