Types of Corporate Video Productions

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Does your company need to revitalize its current marketing materials? Corporate productions help establish your name and build the company brand. Your footage can show off services, products, employees, facilities, and more. Orlando video productions of all types can also increase your name recognition while drawing in new customers or clients. Keep reading to discover the different types of corporate video productions and how each one can help your business grow:


Trade Show Videos

This type of production fills a certain niche, as looped footage shown continuously at a conference or trade show table. The video typically describes a company’s origins and growth, while highlighting the current products and services. Since trade show videos are typically shown in noisy and crowded environments, your production needs to be eye-catching and extremely clear. Captions and labels are often used to clarify the visuals, which can include specific product or service demonstrations. In a room full of competing visual information, your production should help draw visitors in to learn more about your company.



We all think we understand how commercials work, but is your business making the most of this medium? Here are three types of commercials with tips for placing your production:

  1. Television

This traditional medium typically features 15-, 30-, or 60-second advertisements, although anything within 15-second increments is feasible. In order to seize and sustain audience attention, television commercials need to be extremely compelling. Your Orlando video production crew can help you come up with a strong story and script, along with stunning visuals and high-quality audio levels. Your production team can also assist you with media buying, the sometimes-complex process of finding the best possible price and time slot for your video on broadcast or cable TV.


  1. Internet

Strong commercials filmed for television can run concurrently on the Internet using a variety of platforms. Alternatively, you can tailor your production for online use, in which case shorter is usually better. The first step is choosing a reputable video-sharing platform. From there, you can distribute your video almost anywhere. Consider sharing it via social media, embedding it on your website, or including a link to it in an email newsletter. Either way, online videos give you access to an extremely wide audience.


  1. Infomercial

Although infomercials are typically longer than other types of commercials, they should still be catchy and visually appealing. Infomercials, like trade show videos, often give more information about your company or specific products than a typical commercial would. All types of commercials should carry a strong call to action, but this is especially important if you are using an infomercial to sell a specific product. Alternatively, make sure you clearly explain why the services your company offers are essential for your viewers.


Convention Videos

There are two main types of convention video productions, and the difference starts with the day of filming. The first type is similar to trade show videos, where your company has a table or booth and a pre-filmed production. The idea is to draw in passersby with eye-catching visuals. Once a viewer is interested, you can follow up with additional information in person.


The other type of convention video production is filmed throughout the convention. The material may be recorded for archival purposes, but it can also be used for marketing campaigns or internal company use. Convention footage worth capturing includes guest speakers, presentations, breakout sessions, client interactions, and business panels. Using top-of-the-line equipment for superior audio and visuals, your dedicated camera crew will work diligently to capture everything you want. This footage can then be stitched together for a multitude of uses.


Videos for Internal Use

If you have never before considered the possibilities of this category, here are some ways you can use corporate videos internally:

  • Share specific information with certain clients
  • Perform product demonstrations
  • Create training videos
  • Produce short clips for use in presentations, conferences, and webinars

As crucial as your public image and marketing campaigns are, the type of productions your business uses behind the scenes are just as important. High-quality internal use videos will help make your company stand out to its employees, clients, and competitors.


Special Event or Targeted Marketing Videos

These types of productions have a strong purpose, although they may have a shortened shelf life as compared other commercials or corporate videos. Videos within this “one use” category are typically run ahead of a certain weekend or season in order to attract new business. Special event productions can be used to highlight holiday sales, seasonal merchandise shipments, and unique events, promotions, or collaborations. In terms of video productions being an investment, these targeted campaigns offer a quick return. After your first seasonal promotion, you can quickly assess the results and adjust your next marketing campaign as needed. In addition, some of the footage shot for special event videos may be useable for other productions.


Is your business interested in pursuing a different type of corporate production? No matter what type you choose, the resulting production needs to be polished and professional, as well as compelling for your viewers. Our Orlando video production company, NG Production Films, has over 15 years of experience in every video medium, including a wide array of corporate productions. Call us today at 877-203-2895 for a free, no obligation consultation, or fill out our simple contact form for a prompt reply.