Are Video Releases Important on Productions?

I’m sure you ask yourself the question every time you’re on a video production. Are video releases important on productions? Let me go through the steps to why you need them on your next Orlando video production, how to get them signed efficiently and a sample copy. Let’s dig into the basics.

So why are video releases important on your Orlando video production? The question is very easy; it protects you as the company and/or freelancer and client from legal disputes. Every person that appears in the video that you can visibly see in the shot will need to sign a release, no exceptions. A lot of producers and creative professionals shoot video all time that consists of group shots of employees, extras or random people to get the shot they need without having everyone sign a video release. This can create a huge legal dispute with you and your client immediately after the shoot or even months to years later.

Why is that? Well, here is an example: Let’s say you create a corporate video and some shots have groups of employees to feature “team” and one of the employees in that shot either gets laid off, quits or would like to make an extra buck will come after you and/or client with legal discrepancies. We’ve seen it happen multiple times with corporate agencies. Even if the person says, “No problem, I give you permission” verbally, is not good enough.

As video professionals, we all know when on a shoot it can be a time constraint and frustrating with releases as the last thing on our mind. So how do you get them signed efficiently? Very easy, always remember to get each person to sign the release prior to pressing record on your camera or have them sent to the on camera talent prior to the shoot to save time on the day of. Yes, getting signatures from more than 5-10 people can be a huge time constraint, but it will be worth it in the long run. By waiting until the end of the shoot to get each person to sign can be a huge roadblock on your Orlando video production, especially on corporate shoots that involve employees. These employees are in a rush to get back to their office, meetings or lunch and could give you a hard time signing your video release afterwards. Don’t assume, just get it signed prior to shooting to avoid issues later. It could cost you legally or financially because you wasted everyone’s time to group together a perfect shot and now you cant use the entire clip because of one person.

Okay, so now you have dos and don’ts, well what is a good video release? We’re not legal advisors and/or attorneys to provide proper verbiage on your release, but here is sample to hopefully get you on the right track. Consult with your legal team to assure you have the proper verbiage on your release forms.

In exchange for consideration received, I hereby give permission to “Your Company or Freelance Name” & “Client and/or Client Company Name” to use my name and photographic likeness in all forms and media for advertising, trade, and any other lawful purposes.

Print Name



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