The standard website usually has a few pages. Once a user lands on the homepage, they can learn more about the person or group behind the site with only a click or two.

Some pages show what the site is about– be it blogs from an author or products from a company.

Then, there are the pages people use to contact, interact, and engage with the person or group behind the page. With so many different types of pages, there are many different ways to use videos within a site.

Call up an Orlando video production specialist, and try these creative ideas for websites.

4 Creative Video Ideas for Common Site Pages

Have a site with the common page layout? Here are a handful of ideas on how to incorporate videos for better presentation, improved design, and higher conversion rates.

1.    Homepages with Animated Backgrounds

Want to make sure a user doesn’t click away? Forego the traditional background image and replace it with a video. By the time the user notices it, they will have stuck around long enough to give the site a chance and explore the rest.

2.    All “About” Videos for a Better Connection

About pages come in many forms. Sometimes they’re created to help an audience get to know the history of a person or group. Other times they display services, locations, and other important information. To make a better connection, consider using short videos in place of static graphics.

3.    Stores, Portfolios, Blogs – Sprinkle Videos Throughout

One thing about pages that display many different entries (such as products in a catalog or pieces in a portfolio) is that they can become repetitive. The best way to stop this? Break the monotony with an interactive content type like videos. Use them to introduce categories, either with or without commentary or to help viewers navigate the page more effectively.

4.    Make Contacting a Little Easier

Videos are right at home on the contact page, because they can be used to encourage a person to reach out. Videos make it seem as if the conversation has already been started. Plus they aren’t just useful for showing the site owner asking users to leave their feedback – they can show where a business’s location is, and more.

Improve Websites with Orlando Video Production Specialists

The above pages aren’t the only ones a website may have, but they show how videos are a versatile tool that, in the right place and frequency, can really improve the efficiency of websites.

They help elicit clicks, extend retention, and improve conversion rates. With the help of a skilled Orlando video production company, any website can get a boost in quality.

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