What does it take to create a viral video?

Creating a viral video is definitely something to brag about within the internet community and in the media. You may not be able to hire celebrities that will help you gain notoriety, but there are some useful tips that could potentially help your videos become the talk of the internet.

If your primary aim is to create a viral video production, chances are it won’t happen. In most cases, viral videos are often spontaneous and not an intended goal. There isn’t a formula to create viral videos but they all do have something in common.

  • Create as many videos as possible. The chance of one of your videos going viral is higher when you have more than a handful to showcase.
  • Funny videos tend to be the most viral. Humor may be hard to get right sometimes, but if done correctly, it’s one of the surest ways to get people watching.
  • Create a video worthy of discussion. That may include being questioned of its authenticity that can cause an increase of shares and debate. This will get people talking and have your video showcased around the net.
  • Create content that is compelling, whether it is the story itself, or the way in which it is presented, such as stop-motion or time lapse. Showing off film techniques can help show others unique and exciting content.
  • Avoid using copyrighted work in your video such as images or music. It doesn’t help if you’re trying to get your video seen by thousands of people when you have licensed music playing in the background.

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