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Video content is appealing, interactive, and engaging. You may already be comfortable producing commercials for use on television or elsewhere online, but have you considered uploading an Orlando video production directly to your website? For part one of this post, here are five reasons to include video content on your website:


  1. Smart Formatting Breaks Up Blocks of Text


Busy websites can be a deterrent as visitors may be distracted or confused by competing modules and images. At the same time, a simple site with pages of text makes it nearly impossible for readers to quickly scan your site for the information they need. Headlines, bullet points, images, and videos can help both explain and break up large blocks of text, improving the consumer experience.


  1. Visual Communication Increases Information Retention


Would you consider yourself a visual learner? Many individuals are, and subsequently consider video presentations to be invaluable when learning about something new. For example, product demonstrations and troubleshooting clips may help a consumer use his or her product to its fullest potential. Since videos are often more memorable than a page of text, visitors are also more likely to retain information, remember your brand, and think of your company as a source of informative, trustworthy content.


  1. Humanize Your Brand: Add a Personal Message


Consumers want to do business with other people, not with an automated phone service or a professional yet impersonal website. Making your next Orlando video production a type of personal message is an easy way to humanize your brand and appeal directly to your viewers. Ideas include:

  • A company “about us” video, exploring your business origins and highlighting key staff
  • A behind-the-scenes facilities tour
  • Employee testimonials or greetings
  • Customer testimonials or recommendations


Simply put, appeal to people with people. In addition to commercials and other visual marketing projects, upload a personal message and help viewers feel that friendly connection.


  1. Helps Consumers Find the Information They Need


Most social media platforms are indexed but not easily searchable. Websites, however, allow companies to store, organize, and archive materials in such a way that consumers can run a simple search to find the exact information they need. For example, product demonstration clips posted on Facebook will disappear from newsfeeds and your business page timeline unless you pin or re-upload the content. Posting the same content on your website, however, means that it will be easily searchable via search engines or your site’s internal search function.


If you upload a product demonstration clip to your website, for example, attaching the proper keywords means web searchers will be able to find that video no matter the upload date. For content that will stay relevant for months or years to come, this gives you the chance to engage with consumers and attract potential new leads long after you originally posted the content.


  1. Increases Lead Conversions


Visual content engages with viewers and keeps them on a webpage. The longer an online visitor spends on your website, the more likely he or she is to engage with your brand. In turn, visitors may bookmark the site, follow you on social media, look for more videos to view, or share your page with others. Multiply that possibility by increasing numbers of website visitors, and you have the potential to gain numerous new leads.


To learn more about how video can revitalize your website and brand, contact NG Production Films by calling (877) 203-2895 or filling out our short online form. Stay tuned for part two of this post!