Fall is the perfect time for being out and about.

As the summer temperatures drop and the leaves begin their gorgeous color change, more people are heading outside.

However, they’re doing more than just raking leaves or taking a cool evening walk – they’re getting involved in many events.

Video marketing is a proven promotional powerhouse – 85% of organizations use it. Here are some ideas for promoting the upcoming events of the fall season through Orlando video production.

Immerse Audiences in Fall Festival Atmospheres

There’s maybe no other season with as much iconic imagery as fall. Bales of hay, piles of leaves, and of course, pumpkins, carved or all-natural, make fall feel right at home.

Fall festivals are common celebrations across the nation, giving people the chance to shop, enjoy entertainment, and simply create a seasonal memory with their loved ones.

Anyone who is holding a fall festival, harvest festival, hayride, or any other similar event need only look to previous years for video marketing inspiration.

Footage from prior festival experiences can give the unmistakable fall feel to anyone watching. Even if the events are running in a different or limited format this year, videos can still make them seem appealing and make the viewer want to experience it in person.

Raise Awareness for Back-to-School Events

With education changing constantly and systems sometimes differing by states, parents and guardians need all the help they can get.

Early fall is a perfect time to have events such as drives to collect the supplies students need. Coats, backpacks, and other standard supplies are harder to come by this year. Any move to collect and donate them should be promoted heavily for the sake of helping students.

Even if a business or organization isn’t necessarily running this event themselves, they may still sponsor it. A video production project can be the perfect way to promote the cause on a website or social profile.

To make it work, try showing off the local schools where the supplies may be going – it’s a helpful way to get people motivated toward helping their own neighbors and community through video marketing.

Encourage Safety Through PPE Giveaways and More

Even as the pandemic eases up in some areas, it’s still critical to be cautious. Many groups and organizations are taking the initiative to give out PPE items, which will become more important as people begin to congregate nearby again.

Any company that is giving away equipment or even selling it should promote their cause heavily, showing off what they’re giving out and where/when it can be picked up.  

Businesses that are using unique models to reopen can also promote them this way in the name of safety – such as drive-in entertainment, new curbside pickup at local stores, or even special meetings to cover safe reopening procedures for offices. 

Prepare for Fall Event Marketing with Orlando Video Production Pros

The fall season is a time to wind down and enjoy the scenery, but there’s also plenty going on.

Whether a person is promoting a fun event, helping a child get their education, or even promoting safety at a crucial time, an Orlando video production company can help.

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