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Our last post supplied a few tips for choosing a camera crew, as the right one can make or break your film project. Ideally, the team will have experience with your proposed project as well as an understanding of your market. Plus, they should be able to provide recent references and offer marketing services if you need it. Whether you need live event coverage at a local convention center, want to craft an unforgettable music video, or need help designing a commercial that will attract the right audience, the right production team will be prepared. For part two of this post, here are five more things to ask when hiring an Orlando video production company.


  1. Will This Idea Work?


If Many freelancers or film students might say “yes” to an idea before considering it from every angle. A professional team will know the industry and have examples of successful projects that came before yours. You should feel comfortable asking for and receiving candid feedback, even if your camera crew tells you that something may not work. Open communication is key and should come with the territory.


  1. How Can You Add to or Improve My Idea?


Part of asking for feedback includes being open to receive suggestions. Your idea may be solid as-is but even more impactful with a few industry tweaks. The ideal team can meet your specifications and go beyond them with additional recommendations and creative ideas. Their expertise can help your clip stand out from the competition in a memorable way. Choose a company that will accurately reflect and represent your brand. Team members should be communicative and easy to work with, with a style that makes sense for your film project.


  1. Do You Understand Web Marketing?


Filming content specifically for use on the Internet may require a different mindset and working methods. It is a different market that offers unique placement opportunities. Online, your clip could be shown in an email newsletter, on your website, on social media, during a streaming show, or in a myriad of other places. Orlando video production companies that lack experience marketing clips for online use may struggle with finding the right direction, tone, and intended audience.


  1. How Do You Define and Organize the Project Timeline?


No doubt, your top concerns include the budget and project timeline. The camera crews you talk to should provide clear and realistic deadlines with plenty of details. Things to ask about include:

  • Time scales
  • Estimated completion date
  • Amount of time spent in post-production and editing
  • Level of communication and responsiveness along the way


Even the biggest companies should provide individualized care, with time and attention devoted to your project so it is completed promptly.


  1. Ask for a Quote


Once you have provided the basic, key information about your shoot and understand the extent of their filmmaking services, ask for a quote. Smart businesses and organizations understand that this is a worthwhile investment. You will get what you pay for, whether the result is a student’s handy-work or a professional-grade production. Still, feel free to inquire about a proposed cost and ask a few questions about their pricing plan. Is it a fixed cost project, or could costs change? Are re-edits included, or charged at an hourly rate? How much do additional marketing services such as media buying cost? An honest Orlando video production company will have no trouble answering these questions and making you feel good about your investment.


For a free, no-obligation consultation on your film project from the best camera crew and team around, contact NG Production Films online or by calling (877) 203-2895.