12 Essential Qualities Your Actors Should Have, Part 2 of 2

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When hiring actors for a film project, there are several aspects of their abilities to consider. Part one of this blog post divulged six qualities your actors should have, including their personality, preparedness, enthusiasm, and reliability. For part two, here are six more essential qualities the actors in your next Orlando video production should have:

  1. Engaging


In this increasingly digital age of media sharing, the ability to capture and maintain viewer attention is critical for any production to be a success. Thankfully, great actors have a tangible presence on screen, one that can captive the audience and convince them to follow any call-to-action. Try to hire actors who are engaging in all aspects of their being, from the headshot to the handshake. Things to look for include expressive eyes, warm voices, palpable energy, and intentional vocal delivery.


  1. Professional and Committed


No matter how casual the roles in your production might be, the actors you hire should be highly professional both on camera and behind the scenes. They should be experienced on set and comfortable with their surroundings, as well as have had experience working with camera crews and production managers. Your actors should also demonstrate a deep commitment to their individual roles, by preparing well, asking questions, and contributing to the process.


  1. Confident but Cooperative


There is such a thing as an “actor ego,” but having one is not necessarily a bad thing. Having a certain amount of ego demonstrates an actor’s confidence. A great actor is confident in his or her work and demonstrates that confidence on set. At the same time, however, the actors you hire should have a sense of humility and be easy to work with. Every production is different, so actors must be able to adapt both to the environment and to the crew. Your actors should be willing to work with everyone as well as respectful with no unreasonable demands. Being personable on set is a bonus as well, as a confident, friendly actor can help make everyone feel great about contributing to the production.


  1. Emotionally Available


This quality may sound like the start of an online dating profile, but, in reality, the ability to control one’s emotions is essential for any actor. Some Orlando video productions may call for creative acting bits that require certain moods or emotions. Alternatively, an actor may come to work distracted by an outside situation. In this case, setting aside some emotions can help the actor remain focused on set. In addition, the better an actor is at accessing and controlling his or her emotional state, the more engaging and believable they will be for your company’s production. Vulnerability is a powerful tool, and may be just what your film project needs.


  1. Positive


Many actors face rejection on some level, or may have had to participate in productions with less-than-ideal crews or environments. It can be difficult to remain cheerful and optimistic in the face of such struggles, but the actors you hire should bring positivity to the set. Regardless of any past experiences or present circumstances, actors should not complain on set or discourage any of the crew. If you sense a sarcastic sense of humor, encourage your actor to use such humor off set but to remain focused and professional in front of the camera. Actors who stay positive and have a good attitude can help enhance the mood of the entire production.


  1. Highly Responsive


Acting is not about delivering lines, but always about responding to something. This could be an actor, instructions from the director, or the emotional tone of the words themselves. If you have two or more actors sharing a scene, the actors not speaking should be actively listening, even if you are only shooting a single line. Trying to fake listening is noticeable on camera, and truly listening to someone’s line is essential for preparing the response.


Whether you intend to use current employees or hire outside actors for your next production, using individuals with the above qualities will make your on-set experience a breeze. For help preparing and filming your next project, contact our Orlando video production company, NG Production Films. Call us at 877-203-2895 or fill out our contact form for a prompt reply and free, no-obligation consultation.