Videos are so useful they can help enhance various types of content.

There are many content classifications companies rely on to help them reach their audience. From one-off blogs to entire series, single emails to full campaigns and beyond – there are many options.

Outsourcing video creation tasks to an Orlando video production specialist can help any organization create a better presentation. Here are some common content types and how they can be enhanced by great videos.

Improve Common Content Types with Videos

Ready to take the basic types of content companies rely on and give them a fresh appeal? Here are three different types of content that businesses of all size use, and how quality video content can help improve them.

1.    Blogs

The blog is a great tool for adding content to a website, keeping social media pages active, and showing viewers what exactly is going on in a particular industry. There can be some overlap between blogs and news articles, but these pieces are helpful no matter what they’re called.

Videos can break up walls of text and provide viewers with a nice break from the reading. They can be a surprise touch, which also adds to their appeal.

2.    Emails

Email is still a popular type of online communication, more popular than social media by some estimates. It can be great for simple communications, like letting a customer know their order was received or thanking them for signing up to a mailing list. It can also be used to create detailed campaigns aimed at specific segments.

Emails are a great place to use video, because users need to say a lot with a little. A few lines or small paragraphs of text with an interesting video within is a perfect recipe for a great email.

3.    Web Pages

Home, About Us, product descriptions – there are plenty of web pages out there that companies try to get millions of eyes on.

Sometimes, using a video is a great way to boost retention and make viewers want to click play and see what the page has to offer them. Videos can be the difference between users staying engaged and clicking away.

Enhance Content with Video Production Professionals

Working with a qualified Orlando video production company opens any organization up to new opportunities. Their content, from their sites to their email newsletter, can be refined and made more attractive to prospective users.

Don’t let content sit on a page or in an inbox, doomed to fail in reaching its full potential. Add a quality video to it, and watch the engagement numbers rise.

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