Why is a Demo Reel Important?

The benefits of a good demo reel can be exponential. At NG Production Films, we feature ours on our front page for your viewing. We have perfected it to appropriately display the elements that make us the best production company in Orlando. So what exactly is a demo reel? Well, a demo reel is a collection of videos that highlights your best work to potential clients or employers. It shows that you have the ability to shoot, edit, and compose, and what techniques you use when making editing decisions. Having all your work in one place is easy, convenient, and smart. People interested in seeing your work don’t want to go through several videos to see what you’ve accomplished. Having a great demo reel makes it easier for someone to evaluate you.

Here are some tips to creating a productive demo reel:

1.) Keep it short – There is no official or “right” length of time to make your demo reel, but it should be kept short (about 1-2 minutes). A demo reel is supposed to highlight your best work, and shouldn’t feature everything you’ve ever done. A good editor can tell a clear story in a short amount of time, and if you can master that, then you are way ahead of the rest.

2.) Only feature your work – Do not take credit for other people’s work, and if you worked collaboratively on something, make it clear that you did.

3.) Highlight Impressive Clients – Put the names of who you shot, who you worked for, and if any of your work has aired. There’s no shame in dropping names.

4.) Check for Errors – Make sure all names and titles are spelled correctly. Check for any glitches in your video (dropped frames), or for anything else that would effect the way your reel is viewed.

5.) Ask others for their opinions – You may not always like hearing people critique your work, but asking others for their opinions will only help you, not harm you.

With the help of an Orlando video production company, we can help you create a demo reel that brings out the best in your company. At NG Production Films, we guarantee that we will exceed your video production expectations and provide you with the most experienced team of professionals in the industry. Call us today at 877-203-2895 to learn more about our services and to schedule a free no obligation consultation.