With more people having access to quality cameras or even a smartphone, DIY videos are extremely popular. When people can’t call in the professionals or head out to see an expert, they need to know how to film videos themselves.

For business owners and entrepreneurs, especially in a virtual environment, now is the time to post DIY videos to build rapport among audiences and establish authority on the topics viewers are interested in.

Popular DIY Topic Areas for Creating Video Production Projects

Whether it’s taking care of one’s self or the house, here are the need-to-know topics almost anyone can benefit from.

Self-Grooming Tips

Beauticians, hairstylists, barbers, and personal care experts will always have business – except when people can’t get to them. In those instances, it’s nice to share the wisdom and help people learn how to keep themselves looking (and feeling) fantastic.

These videos can be anything from how to do makeup or nails, or even how to cut your own hair. They’re best recorded by doing the footage first and adding a voice over after, as it can be much easier to complete the action itself when focused solely on it.

Home Fixes

Whether it’s a leaking toilet or a loose doorknob, things can break down at any moment. While many people would prefer to call a repair person, sometimes the situation necessitates a DIY fix. Anyone who has a background with specific utilities or amenities can share their knowledge through video productions.

With these videos, it’s helpful to explain things as they’re being done. It can also be wise to add captions detailing the specific steps and to notate the type of tools being used. It’s important to note that for the average house costing $360,000, a person could spend roughly $300 on repairs per month. Repair experts can still get business even if they help homeowners solve a problem or two on their own, giving both continued revenue and increased video views.

Fitness Guides

Finally, for those times when people can’t get to the gym or fitness club, exercise videos are a huge help. Anyone with a background in personal training can impart their wisdom through home workout videos.

Popular ideas include home exercise hacks, such as ways to work out around the house and use unlikely items to help with fitness training. Another popular topic in this area is healthy recipes, which help people eat to improve their health even if they can’t go out to buy ready-made healthy foods.

Call an Orlando Video Production Professional for Help

Even if the video is being made at home, it doesn’t mean outside help isn’t allowed. With the assistance of a skilled Orlando video production company, any DIY video can be improved.

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