Orlando Video Production: Tips for Filming Interviews

Filming interviews can be a challenging task, but in the end it can be completely rewarding for you and the interviewee. Interviews are a great way for companies to show their audience the personality of their company, and for anyone to get an insight on someone’s perspective on a subject. Interviews can be a great source of traffic for a website and adds credibility to your brand. Here are some tips on filming the perfect interview with your Orlando video production companies.

•    Prepare for the interview beforehand. There will obviously be a list of questions you have to ask, but you can prepare for the actual shoot by doing a pre-interview to get a feel of what you might expect.

•    Find the optimal location for the interview where you won’t have any external distractions or noises that will disrupt the interview. Make sure the lighting is appropriate and distributed evenly to avoid bright and dark spots.

•    Maintain eye contact with the person who you are interviewing because they will be focused on you the entire time. It will be noticeable on camera when you’re not focused.

•    If you have access to more than one camera, utilize them in different ways to include shots of both the interviewer and interviewee, over the shoulder shots, or faraway shots for your Orlando video production.

•    Use the rule of thirds. Focus their eyes 1/3 of the way down from the screen and make sure they are being filmed close up. People will be more likely to watch a close view of someone talking than someone talking from farther away.

•    Use a tripod or something that will steady the camera. It’s almost impossible to hold completely still to avoid camera shake, especially for long periods of time.

Hiring an Orlando production company can help you get the most out of any type of interview or professional production. At NG Production Films, we guarantee that every aspect of your production exceeds your expectations. To learn more about our Orlando video production company call us at 877-203-2895 for a free no obligation consultation.