Video marketers around the world have seen the signs – the age of educational videos is here.

More people than ever are going to school online. People are also being retrained to work online and do business from home.

Add in the constant demand for how-to videos explaining how to do a variety of common tasks from car maintenance to home repairs, and it’s easy to see there’s a massive market for educational videos.

Even if an individual or organization hasn’t made a learning-focused Orlando video production project before, there’s a first time for everything. Here are some tips for making the video a success.

Write Out the Specifics Before Starting

The old adage “those who can’t do, teach” highlights the paradox of knowledgeable people who sometimes fail to spread their knowledge effectively.

The key to getting the point across is to prepare beforehand – it’s why teachers write out lesson plans, HR trainers put briefings together, and video marketers write scripts or bullet points.

Given the text-organization effect is proven to impact how people learn, a video that’s organized and orderly can enhance the learning experience – maybe even making up for the struggles remote learning can sometimes present.

While people learn by consulting experts, they also learn through repetition. A clear set of well-defined and properly ordered steps can help people learn everything from the history of Rome to the best strategy for increasing their sales numbers.

Tell a Story When the Opportunity Presents Itself

Knowledge is power, but learning sometimes gets a bad reputation.

Picture the bored student doodling on their notebook while the teacher rambles about factoring polynomials, or the worker playing on their phone while the boss rants about what else corporate wants to see from the store this quarter.

Most of life’s lessons aren’t learned behind a desk or in a boardroom. They’re learned through experiences – as if the learner is the leading character in a story called life.

While it sounds like a philosophical approach, it’s actually a scientific fact – stories help people learn by connecting them with the material and making the presentation more memorable. 

Videos have an advantage here. Immersive storytelling is effective because the brain likes processing images rather than just text. Videos with a central character, even animated, can create a story that teaches the lesson better than a book or lesson plan ever could.

Make a Polished Orlando Video Production Project

Any video production project should be planned out ahead of time, played back for quality assurance before its release, and polished carefully.

For educational videos, this is especially important. If someone is hesitant to learn about a topic, any distraction may be magnified significantly. Think about how text colors and font styles impact readability or how backing music could distract from the narrator’s voice.

The best way to get fully prepared for video production work is to reach out to the experts. A skilled Orlando video production company can help make professional-looking videos that do the subject matter justice and reflect positively on the learning institution itself.

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