Small businesses, startups, and freelancers often see the benefits of video marketing. They’re also likely working on the go from multiple locations.

It’s tough staring at dozens of pieces of footage and trying to bring them all together into a polished final presentation. This is especially true for someone trying to do it in a busy schedule and at various locations.

Here are a few steps for making Orlando video production easy while working on the go.

Who Needs This Help the Most?

Video creators and editors in busy workplaces with limited staffs and hectic schedules often have to work mobile or on the go. For those who work on the move, here are some ways to lessen the stress.

1.    Use the Cloud

From storing footage and images on it to running entire programs, the cloud makes it easy to edit projects from the office, home, a client’s office, and any other location where work needs to be done. It also saves the worker from having to cart around storage drives and make sure everything is on them. After all, the cloud is poised to replace traditional data centers soon.

2.    Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

Whether it’s stretching a scene or altering the volume, every change takes time. Learning keyboard shortcuts may seem minor, but it can have a major impact over time. A few seconds saved off dozens of actions translates to a quicker, more efficient project – which is very helpful to anyone working on the go.

3.    Bring Headphones and a Wireless Mouse

These two accessories are greatly beneficial for anyone editing from a laptop. The touchpad isn’t as efficient as a mouse, while headphones ensure marketers can hear their project clearly no matter what is going on around them. Even better, choose a headset with a mic if the video software has a voice control feature.

4.    Keep Communication

Working with a team while on the go can be challenging, but there are some tools to make it easier. Programs like Skype and Slack are great for group chats, file sharing, and video calls to keep projects going when everyone is in different places.

5.    Maintain Deadlines

Just because a project doesn’t stay in the office doesn’t mean the clock stops ticking. Those who work from various locations still need to keep a tight schedule and make sure they push to meet deadlines. This ensures the mobile work environment doesn’t become a detriment to the project’s progress.

When in Doubt, Bring in Video Production Professionals

Whether someone is working from the office or from home, it helps to have professional insight. A skilled Orlando video production company can help projects run smoothly no matter the work arrangement.

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