The right topic is the foundation and centerpiece of any great video production.

Effects, soundtracks, and voiceovers add a lot. But it’s the topic that gets people excited – and not just the audience who’s watching, even though they want more video content.

An interesting subject can get the creators invested in the project’s success.

While many companies want to use video more in the new year, they often feel stumped about where to find video topic ideas. Here are some simple but reliable sources of inspiration.

Pick a New Product or Service – Or a New Quality of Either

For companies with many products and services, it’s easy to lump them together.

But talent recruiting is different than executive recruiting. Accounting is different than bookkeeping. Automation is different than machine learning. Why not show off the distinctions?

Companies can create separate videos for each of their products or services, and reshare periodically so everything gets equal promotion.

What about companies with fewer products or services? Cover multiple benefits of each. For example, the accountant can talk about how they can help at tax time, how they can help businesses grow, and more.

As a bonus tip, get insights into what customers are looking for via Google’s related search section. It offers helpful specifics and further showcases the connection between video marketing and SEO.

Get Creative with History, Holidays, and More

Finding a new topic every day is tough – if the search is limited to 2021.

Organizations can make videos about significant events in their industry that happened on that day. Obviously, it takes some planning ahead. However, these videos can usually be shorter, which means they’re quicker and easier to create.

Holidays are a goldmine for content as well. Creators can get very inventive here. For example, an insurance company could make multiple videos around St. Patrick’s Day, on how you don’t need luck when you have a good policy.

Seasons are fair game, too. Help customers prepare for summer fun or beat the winter chill with appropriately themed content.

Let Viewers Hear Customers’ Stories or Meet the Team

In the search for video ideas, it’s easy to overlook great content right in front of the camera.

The genuine message of a happy customer or the relatable personality of a longtime employee can both translate very well to video.

These video topic ideas can also be used to incentivize people to engage. Testimonials can be used to encourage more feedback (inspiration for future videos), whereas employee testimonials can be helpful for both recruiting and general branding.

The best part? Each testimonial or interview is a topic unto itself, or they can be put into a compilation.

Consult Orlando Video Production Experts for Inspiration

For more video topic ideas, it’s always wise to consult a professional Orlando video production company.

Not only can they provide ideas for a video production, but they have enough experience to know which topics are best suited for the creator’s goal. 2021 is full of potential, and it can be full of quality video production content as well.

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