The script was flawless. The scenes were perfectly shot. Every transition was immaculate all the way to the final seconds of the video.

The only question is – now what?

The wrap up is arguably the most important part of any Orlando video production. This is where the call to action (CTA) is usually placed, and it can take the engagement built up throughout the piece and transfer it forward so the brand can benefit.

Here are some tips on the right approach to use.

What Should a Call to Action Be Used For?

Simply put, calls to action can be used for any type of profitable engagement the business is looking for at the time.

For example, they’ve been proven to increase e-commerce conversion rates by 22%, making them an effective sales tool. In this respect, calls can be used to point a person to a product page, catalog, online showroom, or other spots where they can make a purchase.

Calls to action can also be used to build traffic in search of leads for future campaigns. They can be used to direct people to other videos or blog pages. They can offer downloads for content like eBooks or signups for newsletters.

When it comes to exactly how to implement the call, a few different options are available, depending on the desired result.

Where Should Each Call to Action Be Placed?

Directing the viewer to the brand’s desired destination is an important aspect of content creation. Because of how they’re designed and posted, videos provide a few different options, each geared toward a specific type of CTA.

  • Video Links in End Screens: Video-sharing sites like YouTube have their own end-screen options, but it’s also easy to make one. These are fine spots to leave links to other videos and even full playlists. The links are usually placed over the respective content’s thumbnails.
  • Page Links in Video Descriptions: Whether it’s the bit of text in the description or the text above a video posted on social media, this is a perfect spot to put sign-up links, as well as links to product pages.
  • Subscription Links in Either Location: Subscription links can ensure more people see future videos as soon as they come out. These links can be placed in any other location, as a link in the description or as a clickable thumbnail or avatar at the end of a video.

Having the right call to action is important, but having it in the right place can increase the chance a viewer follows it.

Why Calls to Action are So Important

After creating a compelling Orlando video production project, it’s easy to get a viewer’s interest. The call at the end is key for transferring that interest back into another part of the brand – let a skilled Orlando video production company help.

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