How In-House Organization Can Improve Your Video Production

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Before you embark upon your next video project, consider how each department within your company can contribute. Without the proper organization, your commercial could wind up stepping on toes or missing the mark entirely. Scroll down to learn more about preparing in-house for your next Orlando video production:


Focus on a Single Area or Goal


Some commercials simply try to do too much at once by cramming interviews, walk-throughs, and sales pitches in a single 30-second spot advertisement. To avoid doing the same, try to choose a production goal as before trying to take any other steps in the process. Do you want to let customers know of a seasonal sale, or alert them to new inventory? Do you need to post a product demonstration online or update your website’s “about us” video? Whatever you decide, stick to that vision as you make all other arrangements.


Highlight Distinct Features


Even with a single goal in mind, however, you can still allude to other positive aspects of your company. Choose another department of your company to represent, and then mention their features. For example, an advertisement designed to sell a particular product or service can still include mention of your superior customer service or convenient locations and availability. If your team is known for being friendly and engaging, then include shots of smiling employees and positive customer interactions and exchanges.


Let Your Marketing Team Take the Lead


If you have a marketing or advertising department, trust them to do their job. No matter how great your idea may seem on paper, your marketing team or the professional video production company you hire will know what will actually translate well on screen. You should also talk to your marketing team about the production’s target audience and intended platform. Ways to publish your video include:

  • Television commercials, often placed through media buying
  • Embedded or linked videos for website or e-newsletter use
  • In-house or company-to-client materials
  • Curated content for social media platforms


Talk to Your Accountants to Define the Budget


Video productions are an investment, so your accountants need to be involved in the early stages of the planning process. A great production company will take your budget into consideration and help ensure it does not get overly inflated. Still, tell your budgeting team to be frank with you, so that it is clear which extras (such as special effects or other add-ons) may be considered.


Ensure All Facilities Are Film-Ready


Before inviting a camera crew into your business office, you should make sure that all of the facilities are up to standards and ready to show off. Equipment should be cleaned, and all clutter should be removed from entryways and desks. If the office has any chipped paint or furniture, be sure to call for quick repairs and touch-ups before filming.


Talk to the Higher-Ups


If your production requires actors, an interview, or a voiceover, you need to figure out who should be involved. Talk to the supervising staff to determine who or what should be included in this particular production. Otherwise, if a high-ranking official is not essential to the production, ask instead about using employees in the video. Incorporating the personal interactions of employees or asking them to act in the production is a great way to add sincerity and authenticity. You can also ask your employees or colleagues for ideas, suggestions, and comments along the way.


Consider Your Public Image


Does your company have an outreach program, hiring committee, or board of directors? Each production your company shares will affect its public image. A company with a strong vision for the future will have much more success creating a targeted, focused, and effective production.


For help organizing your company’s production goals, contact our Orlando video production company, NG Production Films. We have over 15 years of filmmaking experience, including corporate commercials and live events. For a free, no-obligation consultation, call us at 877-203-2895 or fill out our contact form for a prompt reply.