It’s easy to get excited about video marketing.

On average, about a third of a person’s time online is spent watching videos. Video’s growing popularity means there’s a ton of opportunity to promote a brand, product, or service.

Even if this makes marketers eager to create video production projects that rake in views and leads, there’s a lot of planning to be done before ever hitting the record button.

To make sure the video flows smoothly, let’s dive into a checklist that businesses should follow before creating an Orlando video production project.

Think with Purpose, Record with Purpose

While there’s an artistic aspect to recording and finding the best-looking footage possible, every video project should be pursued with a purpose.

Before starting, think about the aim of the video. Is it simply to get views and build awareness for a brand? Is it to boost sales of a new product or service? To grow an email list? To gain social media followers?

Writing and producing a video is much simpler when the purpose behind it is known ahead of time. For example, if a video is meant to boost click-through activity to a website, show someone navigating that site and its best features. If it’s meant to improve social follows, display the content on profiles in snippets throughout the video.

Factor in the Total Cost Ahead of Time

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting halfway through an Orlando video production recording only to find out the budget doesn’t stretch far enough.

Try to anticipate all of the project’s costs and set a budget accordingly. Common costs to factor in include:

  • Equipment costs (Cameras, mics, cables, etc.)
  • Production costs (Software, computes, cables, etc.)
  • Travel expenses for outings to record footage
  • Rental fees for any properties used for recording
  • Fees for narrators, extras, and additional personnel

It’s always wise to overestimate costs when unsure. It’s better to have too much money set aside for a project than not enough.

Use Audience Profiles for Scripting Orlando Video Production

Writing a script and creating a storyboard are two of the biggest steps marketers take before they begin recording a project. It’s wise to think about these important phases from the audience’s perspective by creating audience profiles.

After gathering audience insights through surveys and market research, think about where the viewer is in life. What do they like, and what to they want to get out of the video? These insights can help with everything from the tone to the images.

For help planning out a video and putting it into production after, contact a skilled Orlando video production company.

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