4 Myths of Video Marketing

Whether they hold any truth or not, urban legends and myths are commonplace in so many areas of life–even in the business world. With so much misinformation being spread at a rapid rate, sometimes it can be difficult to form an educated opinion and make important decisions regarding your Orlando video production projects. When it comes to media, technology and the best means to reach your demographic, video marketing can be highly effective, and believe it or not, that’s the whole truth.

The following are four common myths of video marketing.

  • Video production is expensive. There is really no correlation between the cost of a video production and its success. You could end up spending a lot of money on a video that doesn’t have any emotional appeal or connection to your audience. The most successful Orlando video productions create stories, regardless of the production value.

  • Videos are only good for generating leads. Videos have more than one purpose; these purposes may include building credibility, informing visitors and creating brand loyalty.

  • If it’s not viral, it’s not a good video. Just because they don’t get millions of views, doesn’t mean your videos aren’t successful. If a visitor watches your video and is convinced to use your services, that is more valuable than a couple hundred views with no conversions.

  • Your video must be under 3 minutes. Though it’s a common assumption that shorter videos are better due to audience attention span, this is not always the case. A video can seem boring after one minute, or engaging for 10 minutes. It’s all about how you present yourself and your information.

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