What do changing car oil, tying a tie, and cooking risotto have in common?

Sure, they sound like they could be done in order by someone who’s preparing for a nice dinner date. But their real unifying factor is that they’re tasks not everyone knows how to do right off.

How-to videos are some of the most popular in the entire video production industry. How-to video ideas can be on almost any topic, but each one should have a few essential ingredients.

Well-Researched Content That Answers FAQs

Before even looking up the technical details on how to make a how-to video, it’s important to make sure the subject matter is thoroughly understood.

A person may not need to be a certified mechanic to change car oil or a Michelin-star chef to prepare risotto, but these videos should always provide accurate information with detailed clarity.

Even for someone who knows the subject matter and can perform it, research is necessary to make sure no extra details are missing. Also, think about common mistakes and misconceptions so they can be noted throughout the video.

Think of it like explaining the topic to someone who has no prior knowledge about it. This will make sure the basics are covered and the presentation can be helpful for everyone.

Clear Instructions Presented Step by Step

Just like blog posts, good how-to video examples use bulleted or numbered lists. The classic listicle is proven to pull in views because the human brain loves numbers and structure.

To structure the video properly, use a step-by-step format complete with title cards or overlays to signify which step is which. The steps in their entirety could be listed at the beginning, at the end, or in the description for additional clarity.

For example, a cooking video would start by telling the viewer what ingredients they will need, what type of pan to use, etc.

By going in order with actionable, bite-sized tips, it’s much easier to see progress being made as the video goes on. Don’t also forget to provide recaps and key takeaways throughout the process to make sure viewers stay engaged and well informed until the end of the video.

An Industry Expert Viewers Can Trust

Boost brand credibility by consistently publishing how-to videos that focus on solving your target audience’s problems. Creating DIY videos that share industry knowledge or even secrets do not repel potential customers – it’s actually the opposite! With high-quality how-to videos, brands can establish themselves as a resource people can trust and rely on.

For example, an auto garage may teach people how to temporarily plug or patch a tire, the pros and cons, and when it’s best to get a replacement. If ever viewers have more questions and need professional help, they’re more likely to reach out to the company that created the helpful video. In fact, 71% of U.S. consumers say video content leaves a positive impression of a company.

Create High-Quality How-To Videos Today

86% of people are expecting to see more video content from brands this year and 36% of them want to see more educational and how-to videos. Ready to publish one online? Don’t forget to bring in a skilled Orlando video production company to help with the project.

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