Vimeo vs YouTube

While YouTube may be the second most used search engine next to Google, Vimeo might be just what your Orlando video production is looking for. Vimeo and YouTube are both great platforms for video exposure, there are situations where one might be more beneficial for your specific goals.

For short films and artists, your Orlando video production may be more suitable for Vimeo. Artists want their video to look like a high quality production, and Vimeo seems to put more of an emphasis on the quality that the video once it is uploaded.

Vimeo also gives viewers ad-free viewing along with the opportunity to “tip” the artist for the hard work and dedication put into the creation of their Orlando video production. This can be especially helpful for those who are attempting to make a living off of their videos and short films.

The appearance of Vimeo is very streamlined and professional, and is very user friendly. There is no limit to the length of video you upload unlike YouTube, which is 15 minutes. Although Vimeo doesn’t get nearly the number of visitors that YouTube does, it is a great niche market for filmmakers and those who are building a portfolio.

YouTube receives nearly 800 million visitors each month, making it more likely your video will be seen and clicked. If that is your goal, YouTube might be better suited for your video. Since YouTube is owned by Google, your video may appear in Google’s search results as well.

YouTube is more suitable for business related videos because of the high exposure and the ability to allow ads in videos. YouTube isn’t as centered around professional film exposure as much as it is focused on audience exposure.

Although YouTube has a limit on the length of video you are permitted to upload, it does allow unlimited uploads and it’s 100% free. With Vimeo, you do have the option for a Pro account, which is a better option for branding.

While each may be more catered to the type of Orlando video production you have created, they both serve the purpose of displaying your film production. Though each have their drawbacks and advantages, there is no clear winner. With NG Production Films, we can help you execute your filmmaking ideas into a professional video production to share across the web. Schedule your free consultation by calling us at 877-203-2895 and learn how we deliver high quality work that fits your budget and your ideas.