3 Reasons Video Marketing is Essential for Your Small Business

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Funny cat videos, sweet proposals, creative commercials, and comedic bloopers: we often hear about videos going “viral,” which makes the video production process for your small business more daunting. How can you come up with a video funny or moving enough to be shared thousands of times? The truth is, local businesses do not need to go viral to see dramatic results from their video marketing campaigns. If you have shied away from Orlando video productions before, here are four reasons that your small business or mid-sized company needs video marketing:


  1. Expanding Your Reach

Consider your target audience and how that audience consumes information. People no longer have to rely on neighbors or even newspapers for their news, and those who turn to the Internet are increasingly seeking visual media. A short television or online commercial will allow you to show off your facilities, give customer testimonials, perform product demonstrations, or announce seasonal sales. Are you concerned that your budget is too tight to allow for video marketing? Keep it short. Even a brief, 15- or 30-second ad will make a difference simply by catching eyes and reaching more potential clients.


  1. Building Your Brand

Building brand recognition includes putting your name out there while delivering a clear, consistent message. Once you make a high-quality production, post it everywhere so that your name is linked to its quality and professionalism. Your video’s hosts can include standards such as Facebook and Twitter, but also consider uploading the short film to YouTube, embedding it on your company’s website, and sending it out via an email newsletter. In addition consider consulting with a video production service to make the most of media buying. This will help you run your commercial or spot ad on television with the best possible price and placement.


  1. Being In Touch

Our advertising options continue to change as the digital marketplace expands. This means there is more room for creative, dynamic advertising. If you have only ever run print ads or handed out fliers and business cards, it may be time to update your strategy. Websites with videos, as opposed to text only, are more likely to display at the top of Internet web searches. Clients are also more likely to interact with email newsletters that include video links. Finally, it is easier to remember a company’s name or something about their services after watching an Internet or television ad rather than skimming a printed document.


No matter your marketing budget, you can create a high-quality video that is sure to attract attention. In addition, your production will give potential customers a closer, more personal look at your company. If you choose to include shots of your employees or facilities, customers will more like they know you. This is particularly imperative for small businesses that rely on local traffic, as it builds trust and recognition.


If you are ready to consider video marketing for your small business, contact our Orlando Video Production Company, NG Production Films. We can work within any budget to produce a high-quality, attention-getting commercial or other video projects. Call us today at 877-203-2895 for a free consultation or fill out our contact form for a prompt reply.