Slowly but surely, the world’s economy is beginning to churn again.

It’s a deliberately slow process, to make sure the drastic safety precautions taken earlier this year weren’t for nothing.

For marketers, this period of re-engagement with the world is a chance to rejoice for two reasons. First, it means more business – and second, it means more opportunities to advertise for said business with video marketing.

Orlando Video Production Concepts to Pursue During the Reopening

As a video marketer, a person must be creative and focused. Not only does a dedicated drive help them get projects out quickly, but it also helps them take advantage of the current topics available to them.

1.    Celebrate Frontline Workers

Start with a few montages of dedicated workers or even a slideshow of still images. Add in some text, splash on a few effects, and put it over a music track – just like that, there’s a fitting tribute to the frontline workers who have been at high risk during this period.

This short, simple video is nice because it shows the efforts of those workers haven’t been forgotten. It’s a smart way to humanize a brand. With about two-thirds of consumers committing to brands based on their stance on social issues, showing appreciation for healthcare workers is a smart move for any brand.

2.    Express Gratitude

There’s a lot to be grateful for as the economy reopens. Even more than just being grateful for those who continued working to promote the stability the world did enjoy, there’s the matter of being grateful for life as normal.

Videos could show people out and about shopping, going for walks in the park, or just enjoying the outdoors. By doing so, a video gives people a break from the typical “promotional approach” many video marketers go for. Simply being thankful for the ability to move freely and enjoy life as normal is a message everyone can relate to, and will likely make viewers feel more attached to a brand.

3.    Promote Deals

While it’s wise to break out of promotional mode sometimes, it’s also smart to take advantage of buying season. As the economy reopens, it means people will shop once more. It’s a time when video promotion should be used most strategically.

Keep in mind, many people may have been out of work either partially or completely. Focus on promoting sales, specials, free trials, free gifts, and other ideas that almost anyone can enjoy, regardless of their income situation.

Bring in an Orlando Video Production Expert

Nearly every video idea can go further if it is made with the help of professionals. To celebrate the economy getting moving again, bring in an Orlando video production company today.

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