3 Ways to Create a Community Connection with Your Next Video Production

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If you are a local business marketing in the area, you understand how difficult it can be to reach your audience and increase drop-in traffic. By making a name for yourself as a company invested in the community, however, you will have much more success connecting with new consumers. Here are three ways to create a community connection in your next Orlando video production:

Take Advice from Local Political Ads

To be honest, this may seem like terrible advice. What do local politicians have to do with your next commercial or film project? The truth is, positive political ads (not the mud-slinging ones) are specifically designed to generate a strong community connection. Sometimes the message is overly obvious or can even come across as forced or fake, but the idea is still there.

Consider the last political ad you saw and think about the ways it created a sense of belonging or community. It may have included public spaces such as schools or parks in an attempt to create an educated or warm atmosphere. Most likely, a wide swath of the community was represented, from school children to the elderly. Finally, the overall presentation was likely clean and simple, in an attempt to leave a positive and sincere impression. For your next Orlando video production, avoid a clinical approach or setting. Consider including or interviewing real people, and think about using an exterior shot to give your business an inviting, in-the-neighborhood feel.

Utilize Local Talents

If your next commercial needs actors or a strong voiceover, try to utilize community members. This will help make your production feel more real, as opposed to a video filled with starched, stilted performances. Hiring a professional video production service and camera crew will ensure that your overall production is polished and professional.  Another way to utilize local talents is in your choice of background music. If you are interested, consider using background music written and performed by a local band. With a small credit at the beginning or end of your ad, you will acknowledge their contribution while showing your commitment to the community.

Consider a Local Business Partnership

Partnering with other local businesses is one of the best ways that you can connect to others in your community and reach a larger audience. You do not have to advertise or market in collaboration with other businesses, but think about ways that they could be included (and vice versa). You could make an agreement with another local business to offer a small discount if consumers shop at both places or put business cards or fliers for each in both locations. If both companies are located in the same complex, considering mentioning the other as a reference point to find yours, instead of simply listing your address. Finally, team up for Small Business Saturday (this year, November 29th) and make plans to support one another through the holiday shopping season.

If you are ready to increase your community connect, our Orlando Video Production Company, NG Production Films, can help. With over a decade of experience, we know how to help you reach a wider audience and make a positive impression with a high-quality, professional commercial or other video projects. Call NG Production Films today at 877-203-2895 for a free, no-obligation consultation or simply fill out our contact form for a prompt reply.