Actors are the heart of any video production. They are not only in charge of presenting an image through their appearance in order to make the video visually pleasing to your audience; they are the ones who communicate the message and themes you desire to convey through their body language and—most importantly—voice inflections.

Improve an Actor’s Inflection: 3 Techniques

The power of action, editing, and clean-cit direction is essential in any Orlando video production, but what is perhaps even more essential is what is said and how it is said.

Speech is how we communicate with one another as human beings, and the power of a well-chosen word or phrase is key in leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

Whether you’re shooting a commercial, short film, or office promotional, there are a variety of speaking techniques your actors should use that will improve the quality of any of your video projects.

  1. Break Up the Sentence: Deciding What to Emphasize

After actors are given their script, they can practice their delivery while keeping in mind a few important questions:

What mood are they trying to convey with this particular line or word? What phrases do they want to draw their audience’s attention to? How fast or slow should their delivery be?

A simple exercise can help you figure out how you want your actors to sound. Have them take a sentence and work on emphasizing different parts. What are they trying to say? What are they trying to say? What are they trying to say?

You’ll find that using this “breaking-up” exercise assists in isolating which words you desire to emphasize in your video production; you might not even know until you try it!

  1. No Screaming, No Muttering: Remember Volume

This can be one of the biggest enhancers to your video production; it can also be one of the largest inhibitors.

The volume of an actor’s voice influences how the audience perceives them. Inflections that are too loud can be jarring; inflections that are too soft will prevent audiences from understanding and will impair communication.

To master the appropriate volume, actors can practice reciting the alphabet while experimenting with voice fluctuations. Time permitting, have them recite their lines before other colleagues before you start shooting.

Pay attention to the reactions they invoke to determine how they are being received by peers; this gives you an idea of how your intended audience may receive them as well.

  1. No “Ums” and “Uhs”: Clean Up Mannerisms

Another important tool to master in voice inflection is the art of articulation. Articulation is not only essential for effective communication; it helps create a smooth flow in your video production.

An actor who continually punctures their speech with “um” or “uh” abruptly pulls your audience out of what’s occurring on the screen; it breaks the mood.

Have your actors practice, practice, and then practice some more. This helps them to avoid stumbling in their voice inflections and reduces the awkwardness that such stumbling can create in your video.

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