When it comes to video marketing, it is only natural to think that the more extravagant a video is, the better it will perform.

Extravagant videos with tons of effects and multiple segments can be very effective as promotional tools. But this doesn’t mean shorter videos aren’t effective. Even simpler videos, which function largely as slideshows with a few addons can be great in their own way – especially when they’re designed with the help of an Orlando video production company.

Why Use Shorter Videos in Marketing?

Here are four benefits to implementing a video marketing strategy that utilizes shorter videos – they are underrated in many regards, and provide some benefits that their lengthier, more complex counterparts simply don’t.

1.    They’re Close to Images

Pictures are sometimes viewed as better than videos because they have all the eye-catching traits without the lengthy load times. Short videos and slideshows fall somewhere in between the two, offering the benefits of flare without the complexity of a 10-minute presentation.

Think of short videos as a series of pictures and short loops They have a certain appeal that other content types don’t.

2.    They Have Cross-Platform Functionality

Some people who make videos for platforms like YouTube find they don’t necessarily translate well when viewed in certain formats. For example, viewing in a browser via a mobile device could create aspect ratios or cause certain elements to malfunction.

Shorter videos and slideshows are simple enough they work properly across a variety of formats and platforms.

3.    They Highlight Important Facts

When a video is shorter and less extravagant, it may be easier to get certain points across. It’s the same reason some people choose search engine ads over sales blogs. Saying less can be a great way of saying more, as it highlights important points.

Examples of memorable facts could be discount amounts, event dates, calls to action, and more. Plus, shorter videos loop – meaning the point can come across more than once.

4.    They’re Made for Social Media

Social media profiles are built for certain types of content. Obviously, pictures work better for Instagram, while hashtags are right at home on Twitter. But slideshow-style videos are a great choice to fill up a company’s social profiles across a variety of platforms.

Social profiles are about engaging content that gets its message across quickly. Shorter, simpler videos are the perfect way to keep a profile active without making users want to skip the post once they see the video’s duration.

Make Great Videos with Orlando Video Production Pros

Shorter and simpler videos have their own charm and their own functions. They can be great for fast-paced marketing campaigns, such as those that post content on platforms with high ad volumes. They can also highlight those important data points. While longer videos are great, bigger isn’t always better.

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