For some marketers, the thought of customers across the world can be so exciting they forget to look right in front of them.

While marketing campaigns can be broad in their geographic reach, many companies have a lot of prospective customers waiting nearby.

Orlando video production can empower any local marketing campaign to make those nearby feel more connected to the brand.

Choose Local Settings for Recording Footage

With almost 90 percent of people who search for local businesses making a call within a day, the ROI potential is clear – local connections can mean sales.

The true life of a video is the footage. It gives video marketers a chance to get creative and show what they can do. However, it’s also a chance to reinforce the idea that the company behind the video is a trusted local resource.

Use footage of the local streets, town square, popular hangouts, businesses, and even friendly faces of the area. It’s a good idea to get permission first before having any extras involved, but when people see scenes they’re familiar with, they’re more likely to reach out. Familiarity breeds comfort, and people are more likely to connect with a brand when they feel at ease about doing so.

Beyond just using the local area for a setting, it’s also wise to draw keyword inspiration from it.

Local SEO Can Be Useful for Video Titles and More

The connection between video and SEO is underappreciated, but it can be very helpful to video marketers.

Consider how much more effective a keyword could be by adding a local spin, such as “best computer repair businesses in Orlando.” Local marketing campaigns can be more specific in their focus as well, targeting a particular area of a bigger city, or even specific neighborhoods within it.

The closer a business is, the easier it usually is to work with them. Customers don’t have to fear digital communications that go nowhere, or a chain of command that makes them struggle to talk to a person who can help them.

Instead, local businesses feel more comfortable and inviting. There’s a greater sense of ease about working with them, so use local-focused keywords in the video title, description, and tags.

Give Locals What They Need with Orlando Video Production

Maybe the best aspect of a local business is its position as a pillar of the community, providing services, jobs, and more.

Video marketers should think about promoting businesses based on local needs. Whether locals are seeking quality, affordability, speed, or any other characteristic from a service provider, video presentations should emphasize it. Plus, these presentations can do this much easier with the help of a skilled Orlando video production company.

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