4 Ways to Craft a Stirring, Share-Worthy Commercial or Other Video Production

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Commercials, music videos, and product demos have a lot of competition, but you can help make your next Orlando video production stand out by thinking about these four examples of successful videos:

  1. Compelling Storyline

If you have ever seen the Pixar film “Up,” you know how powerful an emotionally charged montage can be. In the span of just a few music, with no spoken words, the creators of “Up” convey a vast array of emotions while driving the story forward. Crafting an engaging story is just one way to reach your audience.

  1. Sincere or Heartfelt Elements

Whether or not you drink, you may have seen one of Budweiser Beer’s latest commercials that have hit nearly 20 million views. The commercial features a puppy that grows up and, one night, waits up for his owner to return home from a night of drinking. In the span of 60 seconds, Budweiser draws in the viewer, pulls their heartstrings, and leaves behind a strong, positive message. As a branding tool, Budweiser is doing something right with commercials. Think about how you can use video production to pull in your audience and reach them emotionally even within just a few seconds.

  1. Complex Choreography

The band OK Go is best known for their complex, visually engaging music videos that are filmed in a single take. Their latest viral video, for the song “I Won’t Let You Down”, has hit 7 million viewers in three days. This five-minute film builds up to the final scene, where dozens of choreographed umbrellas are opened and closed to create patterns and words in sync with the music. Other OK Go productions have included dancing on treadmills and a complex Rube Goldberg machine. These videos serve as a reminder to be creative with your Orlando video productions. Even if you plan to simply show a tour of your facilities, consider single-take shots, stop-motion effects, or super speed through some areas. No matter what your commercial or video project is about, use the ideas behind OK Go’s videos to help give your own life, direction, and imagination.

  1. Drive Home a Point

In one of the latest Under Armour commercials, ballerina Misty Copeland is shown moving freely as her voiceover reads her first rejection letter. At the end of the letter, Misty prances and leaps across the stage, proving that her body and abilities are not lacking whatsoever. Under Armour struck gold with this ad, which has been viewed at least 6.5 million times on YouTube and shared thousands more times across social media. Similar strategies include anti-texting and driving campaigns, which coldly deliver a harsh message with the intent of making the audience sit up and pay attention. Consider how your next commercial or video project can be inspired by this kind of focus and determination to move your audience.

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