Even with a talented team and soaring sales, no business is invincible.

Disaster can strike at any time. Professionals are used to managing risk, but it’s the big (and often unexpected) issues that hurt the most.

In 2020, every business experienced disruptions. But disease isn’t the only risk. Cyberattacks, natural disasters, and even insider threats must all be considered.

It’s why so many pursue business resilience, a quality of an organization that essentially means it adapts rapidly – even to the most challenging of circumstances.

Video production is the perfect type of content to strengthen a continuity plan and support resilient businesses.   

Video Content Provides Clarity in Times of Confusion

Business resilience becomes useful in times of crisis. These are the moments standard procedures don’t work or may not even exist for the problem in question.

The multi-purpose nature of video content means it can be used for a number of functions in a disaster recovery plan. These include:

  • Official announcements: The guesswork and half-true rumors that can spread about a business in peril will only lead to mass misinformation. Videos can be used to issue official statements that put everyone in alignment.
  • Regular updates: As a situation develops, official updates are just as important as the initial announcement. They can discuss the scope of the damage, recovery timelines, and alternate business processes for the interim.
  • Training materials: Whether it’s new programs that need to be used or new protocols that need to be followed, video training modules allow the team to adapt quickly to the changes.

Clarity breeds calmness, and calmness lends itself well to strategy. It’s another way video is connected to ROI. Not only do videos boost revenue, but they also help minimize losses when disaster strikes.

In an age when many professionals are prioritizing resilience over efficiency, video content allows companies to enjoy the best of both worlds. 

Video Beats Text in Maintaining Meaningful Connections

Some companies may automatically start thinking in minimalist mode when disaster strikes.

Cut costs, and only do what’s necessary to resume. However, imagine rumors swirling that a company has experienced a massive data breach. Customers, shareholders, and even employees aren’t sure what happened.

Would a simple email or press release that said “We’re aware of the issue and are working on it” suffice to quell people’s uncertainties?

Videos, instead, are more interactive. Being able to see someone in charge and hear the updates directly is much more reassuring.

Video scripts can be written in such a way that they fit with a variety of situations and detail how the company’s response will allow business to continue uninterrupted.

Video Production Experts Can Improve Any Disaster Recovery Plan

It’s never a bad time to start working on resilience and continuity planning. When a disaster strikes, being able to send out appropriate communications that set the record straight immediately is extremely helpful.

It’s also helpful to have video content that allows the team to adapt quickly and keeps everyone associated with the company confident in its future.

Working with a talented Orlando video production company can help anyone enhance a disaster recovery plan and prepare for anything.

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