Not everyone knows just how useful video marketing can be. Sometimes they need to be told, or better yet, shown.

There are multiple scenarios where this may be the case. Some marketing departments may want to get the green light to add more videos to their content schedule. Freelance video marketers may be hoping to land more clients in the new year.

What do both of those have in common? Both need to convey why videos are worth investing in. For those who need to show just how valuable Orlando video production projects can be, here are some tips.

Video Marketing Brings in Traffic and Potential Customers

The core purpose of marketing is to get eyes on the brand. Video marketing can deliver – as much as 95% of the people in the world’s highest populated countries watched videos in 2018. Things didn’t slow down in 2019, and it doesn’t look like they will in 2020.

Thanks to an engaging presentation that combines audio and visual content, videos are often seen as a better investment for the viewer’s time. Add in the fact they can be created in various time frames from under a minute to beyond an hour, and they’re a versatile content type.

These qualities mean videos can rake in hundreds of thousands of views. More importantly, that means hundreds of thousands of viewers who could be converted to customers.

Lead Generation Is the True Source of Consistent ROI

To position videos as an ROI magnet, it is important to draw the distinction between a viewer and a potential customer. Videos don’t just bring traffic – they bring traffic with a high lead potential.

For B2B marketers, nearly three quarters say video converts better than any other content type. Whether the aim is to sell a product, generate subscriptions, or drive any other type of profitable engagement, videos are a proven solution.

The versatility of video comes through again. It can be used to demo products, promote a landing page, showcase customer testimonials, and much more. All of these can end up translating into revenue and profit, so lead generation should always be a selling point of Orlando video production projects.

Creating Orlando Video Production Projects is Easier Than Ever

While videos have the potential to bring in lead-heavy traffic, one question remains: are they easy to create? This greatly impacts their ROI potential.

It’s easy to make videos with the help of an Orlando video production expert. These specialists help both companies and freelancers alike with various aspects of video production.

From recording to editing, they can deliver high-quality content that brings ROI in a timely manner.

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