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Whether you have some experience posting videos online or have only ever filmed television commercials, consider making your next Orlando video production with online consumers in mind. Here are five of the many benefits of creating new video content for online use:


  1. Expand Your Online Presence


If you have a website and Twitter handle but only post blogs or share links, you may be missing multiple opportunities to connect with consumers. Adding video can help by:

  • Increasing your site’s information and resources
  • Enriching your site’s current content
  • Demonstrating a topic explained in a blog post
  • Showcasing a product’s features on a sales page
  • Introducing your staff with an about us video instead of a page of long bios


Every addition is a way to give consumers valuable insights and showcase what makes your company distinct.


  1. Become a Go-To Source for Information


As you expand your online presence, focus on the quality and content of the videos you create. Posting how-tos, production demonstrations, and other types of informational videos can increase credibility and how your company is perceived. Over time, consumers will feel they can trust and rely on your company for the information they need. The key is to share consistently informative yet high-quality videos to help build a base of repeat viewers, and, eventually, customers.


  1. Stand Apart From Banner Ads


Static banner ads may attract some attention, but videos can be much more compelling and visually engaging. In order to use online commercial advertising effectively, however, you must market directly to your target audience. If you share something on your Facebook page or other social media account, be sure to introduce it with an eye-catching caption that encourages viewers to watch all the way through. Posting videos along with some text or blog content is another way to boost prolonged attention and viewership.


  1. Invite Interaction


Different social media platforms encourage users to engage in different ways. Wherever you post a video online, however, you are giving viewers a chance to interact with your content and brand. They may do this on their own by “liking” or sharing the video, but you can also encourage comments, feedback, and questions. Inviting and responding to comments can help establish a connection with consumers, which can develop into brand loyalty. You may be surprised how a few online interactions between companies and social media users can develop into a long-term relationship.


  1. Showcase What Makes Your Company Great


Online videos are a great platform for telling viewers what differentiates your products or services from your competitors. Do you have outstanding facilities, top-of-the-line equipment, or new products to share with your consumers? Include a few selling points for your company along with the video’s main content.


For help creating stellar, share-worthy online clips, contact our Orlando video production company, NG Production Films. Whether you want to create a new “about us” video or script a series of product demonstrations, our experienced crew is here to help. Contact us today by filling out our online contact form or calling (877) 203-2895 for a free, no-obligation consultation.