5 Benefits of Using a Steadicam in Video Production

Steadicams provide a number of great benefits to filming and is one of the most essential pieces of equipment in the video production industry. Not only do they provide easy movement, but it helps producers get great shots without the limited ability to move around. Steadicams provide you with an unlimited amount of possibilities to enhance your Orlando video production in a number of ways.

Using a steadicam in your Orlando video production provides you with a smooth, gliding shot without the shaking that would occur without it. Wobbly cameras are often signs of an unprofessional production and can be a turnoff for viewers.

Steadicams allow filmmakers to create many different shots without the need of tracks and a dolly to take a steady shot. You can engage in a number of views and it’s much less time consuming than adjusting equipment.

Adding motion to your story helps pull the audience into the story. Moving with the character catches the audience’s attention and creates a unique experience, and being able to walk fluidly with a character makes their story more engaging

You can mount a steadicam to moving vehicles to get a fast, smooth shot. They are also great in confined spaces such as a car, without the bumpy and shaky effects of a handheld camera.

You have the ability to take the camera virtually anywhere. Steadicams allow you to follow a character up a flight of stairs, or around obstacles that would otherwise get in the way of a dolly.

Steadicams are used in many productions and can be incorporated into your next Orlando video production. At NG Production Films, we have the knowledge and expertise that will exceed your expectations in your next film project. Contact us today at 877-203-2895 to learn more about our services and for a free consultation.