Local businesses have an advantage – they feel closer to home, and customers may be more likely to reach out.

How can local businesses capitalize on their unique advantage? Using Orlando video production from a skilled team of specialists, any company can promote themselves more efficiently to those in the immediate vicinity.

How to Leverage Video When Promoting a Small Business

Companies promoting to their local town and the surrounding areas can get creative with their video marketing. Here are five tips to try out.

1.    Show Off Familiar Areas

Does the local town have any famous landmarks? Any spots where plenty of people tend to congregate? It’s great to show these off in the video, even if only in glimpses. It makes the video feel like it is truly focused on the local area, and connects well with residents.

2.    Get Creative Showing the Town’s Name

Local videos can show off their town’s name in highway signs, public buildings, monuments, and other locations where it is displayed. It’s a classic example of “show not tell,” and builds up a sense of local pride that can be used to leverage leads.

3.    Demonstrate How the Product Relates

Does the product have a particular area of usefulness thanks to the location? Maybe something to do with the area, the climate, or the surroundings? These connections won’t always be there, but when they are, marketers can use them to reinforce the value of their offering.

4.    Use Local Testimonials

Do local individuals or better yet, local organizations use the product? If so, have them share their input in a video. It’s a great way to build brand authority on a local level, and help convince skeptical viewers to consider making a purchase.

5.    Show the Team

This one is a reverse style of promotion with a local spin. By showing off the entire team in a video advertised at a local market, it is more likely viewers will recognize team members. It lets the viewers make the connection themselves, whether at that moment or in the future, and can make them feel closer to the business and its employees.

Local Marketing with Video Production Specialists

Sometimes targeting the local market is the best solution. It’s a way to target traffic that could be recurring, and a great way to spur word-of-mouth advertising. Do a good job and promotional sentiments could radiate outwards, getting customers from surrounding towns interested as well.

Whether local to a town, a county, a parish, or even an entire region, marketing efforts that are targeted can be more successful. Using these tips, any locally targeted video can be more successful.

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