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It doesn’t matter what business a company’s in, or how great that company is to work for – if the testimonial video isn’t stellar, no one will watch or believe what’s said in the video.

Testimonials are critical to any business. Whether it is a customer appreciation highlighting how the company’s services changed their life, or an employee’s recommendation used to attract top talent to that corporation, how it’s perceived will determine the success of that testimonial campaign.

Prospects want realism – high-quality video – and they do not want to watch something that looks as though it was filmed by an employee in a conference room.

Testimonials are there to serve as evidence that a company can solve a customer’s problem, and Crazy Egg points out that they’re a powerful research tool. They touch on pain points, they are real, and they offer benefits that cannot be explained well in text form.

For companies that want to make an impact with their testimonial video, it’s best to contract with an Orlando video production company that offers exclusive interview/testimonial services.

5 Components That Create a Stellar Testimonial that Drives Results

  1. Throw out the Script: Authenticity is Key

The key to a great testimony is one that feels authentic and real, not scripted.

  1. Make It Interesting: A Talking Head is Still a Talking Head

What’s a talking head? A video of a person talking, where you can mainly just see their head and shoulders in the frame of the shot. There’s not much you can do with that to make it appealing to viewers, yet you see these all the time! An Orlando video production company will work with you to make something that’s interesting to watch. For example, having the customer show how they use the product would make for a great testimonial.

  1. Pick a Speaker Who Reflects the Image of Your Target Audience

The person giving the testimony should be like the target audience. If your business is going after the Millennial demographic, a video with someone 50 or older isn’t going to cut it.

  1. Make Sure the Benefits are the Core of the Show

While a script isn’t always necessary, testimonials must focus on the advantages that attract the core audience. When a customer is offering a video testimonial about a product, they should discuss how that product changed their life, the benefits that they received, and more.

  1. Videos Should be Just the Right Length

A survey conducted by BrightLocal found that 85 percent of consumers appreciate online testimonials. However, the length of the video makes a difference.

When Animoto conducted a review of preferred video lengths, they found that viewers thought videos should be 30 seconds or less 31.9% of the time, while 38.6% said 30 to 60 seconds was the ideal amount of time.

Most importantly, their data found that 59.9% of consumers were turned off by videos that were too long.

Our Orlando video production company, NG Production Films, can help you produce a high-quality testimonial video production. We have more than a decade of experience to create the next video production project for your organization.

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