Orlando video production can be used for countless ends.

Sometimes the video creator is appealing to existing customers, while other times they’re aiming the content at new leads.

However, there are some special occasions that appeal to almost everyone. In the first few months of the year, several holidays are perfect for short, focused videos.

Make Creative Videos for These Special Days in 2020

Holidays are always a smart content subject. They’re easy to work with, and they can be used to create quick, concentrated videos for sites, emails, and social media. Here are five holidays to use.

1.    Martin Luther King Day

A few snapshots of his rallies, of course with overlays of the man himself, make for a fitting tribute to one of the greatest freedom fighters. Add some of his quotes, and it makes for a perfect presentation and sentiment any content creator should be proud to promote.

2.    Groundhog Day

Though it’s best to wait until after the little fella sees (or doesn’t see) his shadow, this video adds a nice seasonal touch to any page or piece of content. It will be focused on weather outlook, a universal topic anyone can relate to. Use that outlook for design inspiration – focusing on either sun or snow.

3.    Valentine’s Day

Hearts, candy, flowers – the imagery for this special day makes a content creator’s life easy. Use the topics of love to show appreciation for customers, clients, or even the local community in a fun, festive presentation.

4.    Daylight Saving

No one likes being off schedule. To show customers a little extra courtesy, send out a short video reminding them to adjust their clocks. Use images of the setting sun, or even the moving hands of a clock.

5.    St. Patrick’s Day

Round out the quarter with a video themed on luck and celebration. Festive greens color pallets and maybe a splash of gold make for a perfect St. Patrick’s video – it’s also a fine opportunity to introduce a deal any customer would love to have.

Don’t Underestimate the Impact of Shorter Orlando Video Productions

The holidays are a fine occasion to create videos, and they don’t even have to be extravagant.

A simple, short, slide-show style video with a relatable theme can be just as impactful as a ten-minute presentation, if not more so.

Over half of marketers in a recent survey said they use visuals 100% of the time. A few stills, some overlays, quotes, and a fitting call-to-action is a recipe for success.

For help with making sure the videos embody the spirit of the occasion while also looking professional, enlist the help of a skilled Orlando video production company.

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