Producing a video takes a lot of time, effort, and attention to detail – it isn’t easy, which means creating multiple videos can be even trickier.

This is especially true if the videos are part of the same series. Creating videos on a case-by-case basis is different than making sure they all flow together and can keep the viewer’s interest while conveying information clearly.

What kind of purposes could a video series be used for? It could be a weekly “Did You Know?” video on a company’s Facebook page, a series of lessons to train new hires, or even a continuous series showcasing various complex topics in a given industry.

A qualified Orlando video production company can help anyone in the area get these five must-haves for a video series.

Orlando Camera Crews Can Provide the Following:

01.Uniformity – Making Videos Flow Together

While every video has a unique purpose, a series should have some connection between the videos to help viewers get more acquainted with the concept of the series as a whole. They could all have the same intro roll, similar overlays, or even a common background track – the possibilities are endless.

02.Branding – Promote the Organization with Every Video

Just because videos are consistent in their production style doesn’t mean they’re promoting the brand adequately. Whether it’s a business or non-profit, an organization can use a video series as an opportunity to consistently reinforce their brand identity and mission statement to viewers.

03.Originality – Every Video Should Stand Out

Uniformity and branding are good in the right amounts, but every video should also offer original content. This simply means every video should offer something unique to make it a worthy entrant to the series. A filler video could turn viewers off from the whole series, but engaging content can keep them coming back.

04.Quality – Find a Good Format and Stick with It

Nothing makes a series seem more off-putting than inconsistent quality. Before starting a series, it is a good idea to get aspect ratios, audio levels, and basic formats figured out beforehand, so they can be implemented smoothly into all parts of the series. Bringing in Orlando camera crews and editing experts can help make this aspect of the process much easier.

05.Answers – Tell the Viewer Something That Will Help Them

Even the most well-balanced HD video needs core content. This is the content that enlightens the viewer and helps them solve a problem. Whether it’s showing them how a product can help them or teaching them how to do a job, every video needs to make its focal point clear.


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