“Where do we go now?” It’s a sentiment everyone’s held at some point.

It’s a lyric in a famous song, plus it inspired the creation of maps, compasses, and GPS tech. It’s the reason people check their sign, take placement tests, or even complete social media quizzes like “which vacation destination is perfect for me?”

People look for direction in travel, work, and life. They also seek it at work, especially for Orlando video production projects. The direction for video topic ideas depends on various factors, so it’s important to know how to find inspiration.

Strategies for Crafting Relevant High-ROI Video Topics

There’s no automatic generator that knows a company and its customers. Team members, managers, and video marketing specialists can use their knowledge and these tips to find topics that make an impact.

1. Send Surveys

What does the audience want? Just ask. Surveys are a simple but effective tool especially for growing companies – about 85% of small and medium businesses say online feedback has been helpful. Ask if viewers would like certain areas covered, particular products featured, or guest interviews. Surveys work well in emails, but they can also be used on landing pages.

2. Monitor Metrics

If viewers don’t speak with surveys, they can speak through other actions – such as watching existing videos and engaging with them. While it may not be as effective at reaching new viewers, this is a proven way of retaining existing ones. Manually or automatically monitor metrics and try to stick to hot video topic areas.

3. Consider Competition

Competitors who use video production projects can provide insights about what to do – and not do. While some people monitor their competition to get ideas, others do it to stand out. For example, if a business offers a popular product the competition doesn’t, it can be helpful to highlight that product in a video.

4. Take Chances

Rather than looking into the company or the industry for inspiration, sometimes it helps to think with an outside perspective. Try experimenting with a topic idea that’s been considered but never put into action. Even if it seems “out there,” it could gain traction and prove profitable.

5. Ask the Professionals

Those who work in the video industry have seen a lot of creative ideas and recordings in their career. They can provide a wealth of insight for both the topic and the best recording strategy to make it into an impressive production.

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Inspiration is everywhere, but sometimes it’s nice to have help finding it. Combine that with recording expertise using top video production equipment, and it’s easy to see why an Orlando video production company can be so helpful.

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